Tivoli Audio in the news

The Model One BT receives a great review from Hi-Fi World

"A compact, well made radio with a detailed sound and an easy-to-use Bluetooth link that allows you to broadcast music from a variety of devices." loves the PAL BT

Tivoli Audio let me try their brand spanking new supersonic ultraportable Tivoli Audio Pal BT speaker. And I LOVE IT.

Hi-Fi World reviews the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

The latest edition of Hi-Fi World sees the Tivoli Audio Model Three gain a perfect ‘five globes’ verdict, at the same time throughly impressing its reviewer, Tony Bolton.

'The sexiest clock radio you’ve ever seen', the online home to the world’s best selling consumer technology magazine, delivers glorious coverage to the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT.

The Verge

The Verge positions the PAL Portable AM/FM Radio as a "Status Symbol".

BBC Music Magazine, February 2013

BBC Music Magazine, the world's best selling classical music magazine, delivers a terrific review of the Model One BT.

Fan Art: by Alex Simon

When Alex Simon didn't get his wife's Tivoli Model One in time for Christmas he had to think fast. Take a look at this amazing make your own Tivoli Audio radio he created to hold her over till the real thing arrived.

NetWorks Radio featured on The View’s Whoopi’s Favorite Things

The Tivoli Audio NetWorks Radio is featured on The View’s Whoopi’s Favorite Things.

Tivoli Audio Introduces New Products

Video of CEO and Founder Tom DeVesto's presentation at our 2012 New York Press Event. Includes introduction of the new Radio Silenz active noise-canceling headphones, Model One BT and PAL BT Bluetooth radios, and the new Tivoli Radio App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Wall Street Journal, June 2012

The Wall Street Journal says Radio Silenz headphones are "more like an Eames lounger: classic, comfortable and what will likely be a solid choice for years to come."

CNET, March 2012

"One of my all-time favorite products." Steve Guttenberg reviews the PAL portable radio on CNET.

Bloomberg Businessweek, January 2012

"Night-table equipment as its finest." The Model 10 is recommended as the alarm clock of choice for the hardworking professional.

Bust, January 2012

"White-hot, AM/FM hi-fi radio." Bust features the Frost White Model One in their seasonal gift guide.

ERT, November 2011

ERT, the leading trade publication for electronics retailers in the UK, interviews Tivoli Audio founder Tom DeVesto.

Hotel/Hospitality Information Package

Tivoli Audio is the natural choice for luxury decor, adding value and panache to your guest's hospitality experience, and our radios can be found in the some of world's most premier properties.

Click here to download our latest hotel/hospitality information package. (68 MB)

Online ordering now available in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK!

Customers in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK can now order direct from Tivoli Audio online! Click to see what products are currently available to you in your region.

InStyle, September 2011

"These radios have a classic design and an exceptional sound quality. I put them all around my house, studio, and store." – Philip Crangi, jewelry designer

Crate & Barrel Fall Catalog

Spot the Tivoli Audio radio! Crate & Barrel features the Model Two as a prop in their fall catalog.

Teen Vogue, August 2011

"We were very excited to spend some time with Tivoli Audio's NetWorks stereo, which allows you to access radio stations from around the world. (Like, say, London.)"

Home Theater, June 2011

Home Theater magazine names the NetWorks Global Audio system a Top Pick.
"It's combination of looks, sound, ease of operation, and quality of construction will turn heads."

Better Homes and Gardens, May 2011

"Treat yourself: High-quality sound in a stylish package." Better Homes and Gardens recommends winding down the day with a Model Three radio.

Lucky, April 2011

"Ingeniously portable (with top-notch sound quality) and in such a happy red shade." Lucky magazine features the Tivoli Audio SongBook.

Hi-Fi Choice, April 2011

"King of the airwaves … here's a small radio for the audiophile." UK mag Hi-Fi Choice gives the Model 10's EU cousin (the Model 10+) a five-star review.

Elle, March 2011

Elle features the SongBook travel radio in a spread on fashion trends., February 2011

"Incredibly rich and dreamy sound quality all wrapped up in a cute little box."
Stylist and design editor Arren Williams recommends the iPAL for Valentine's Day.

DVICE, December 2010

The Connector is first on the list in this Apple-centric gift guide. "No company comes closer to matching the Apple aesthetic than Tivoli."

InStyle, December 2010

InStyle magazine features the Cappellini NetWorks Stereo System in their holiday gift guide., November 2010

"Tivoli introduces a perfect '10.'" A glowing review of the Model 10 radio from

The Wall Street Journal, October 2010

The Wall Street Journal features the Tivoli Audio Model One in an article on tech products sure to stand the test of time.

Elle Decor, October 2010

Elle Decor features the Model 10 in "What's Hot."

HFN, August 2010

HFN features the Model 10 in its new product roundup.

Traditional Home, June 2010

Traditional Home features the iSongBook in their summer style guide.

The New York Times, May 2010

"Waking Up to Great Sound With an Anniversary Radio" – The New York Times covers the Model 10 press announcement.

New York Times Style Magazine, Spring 2010

"Highly Cultivated" Design Spring 2010 issue features the Cappellini Collection NetWorks Stereo System., April 2010

"Sound systems place a premium on design" – article on small, stylish home audio solutions features the Model Three clock radio.

Bon Appetit, April 2010

"Classic design and great sound … you can even take it outside." Bon Appetit features the Tivoli Audio PAL as one of fifty easy upgrades for your kitchen.

Ralph Lauren Magazine, Spring 2010

"Reboot your business travel routine with these functional yet stylish gadgets." The iSongBook featured in Ralph Lauren Magazine.

Stuff, March 2010

"There's only one way to start the morning and that's with some top tunes." Stuff magazine features the Tivoli Audio iPAL., January 2010 features the Tivoli Audio Model Two as one of 10 easy upgrades for the bedroom. "It'll fill the room better than even the most expensive all-in-one."

Elle, January 2010

"The perfect alarm clock doesn't just tell time; it plays radio and iPods, travels anywhere ... and brightens up a blah nightstand."

Marie Claire, December 2009

Marie Claire features the Model One in Bronze/Wenge in their Holiday Gift Guide "Holiday Insider" section as wish list pick of designer Philip Crangi, designer of Philip Crangi and Giles & Brother jewelry.

Congratulations to our winner!

The winner of our Rate, Review & Win a NetWorks Global Audio System contest has been contacted. Thanks to all who participated! Check back soon for more contests and click here to register for our e-newsletter to get the latest on products and special offers.

Cigar Aficionado, December 2009

"The clarity is delicious, the bass produces an emotional response, and the handsome design will just make you smile."

AMA Life Magazine, November 2009

"The PAL radio has taken on a personality all its own."

Tivoli Audio is now on Twitter and Facebook!

Now you can follow Tivoli Audio on Twitter and Facebook!

Follow us on Twitter: @TivoliAudio
Find us on Facebook: Tivoli Audio, LLC.

E-Gear, August 2009

"Perfect for both the beach and beach house, this all-in-one portable alarm clock, AM/FM radio and iPod speaker is weather-resistant."

Metropolitan Home, September 2009

"Tivoli’s NetWorks has added high design to its great technology."

Tiger Beat: Demi's Radio Contest

Tiger Beat hosts contest to win a Tivoli Audio PAL radio signed by teen star Demi Lovato. No purchase necessary. Contest deadline: 8/15/09

Radio Netherlands Worldwide, July 2009

"The quality of both the NetWork's design and manufacture is nothing less than stellar and clearly apparent whether observing, handling or listening to it."

T3 Gadget Awards Finalist

Tivoli Audio's Networks is one of the ten finalists in the T3 Home gadget of the year Award! Vote for the NetWorks now! (click to vote)

Lucky, June 2009

"It's hands-down the chicest sound system on the market.… Seriously. It'll change your life."

T3, June 2009

T3 gives the Tivoli Audio NetWorks Global Stereo System 5 out of 5 stars in a Group Test of DAB and web radios.

Happy 70th Birthday Paul Osipow.

Helsingin Sanomat features the artists Model One sketch.

The New York Times, June 2009

"A fashionable alternative - one that provides richer sound than dinky PC speakers, a portable approach to where you listen, and another twist: Italian design."

Oddity Central, May 2009

What can you do with 1,000 Tivoli radios? Build a 15-foot high audio tower, of course.

Cool Place, May 2009

Cool Place features the Babel Tower of Radios.

Dvice, May 2009

"Tivoli cobbles 1,000 radios worth of gorgeous into its own 'Tower of Babel'"

The Weekness Blog, May 2009

"These colorful beauties, I love the green ones. Greeeeeeeeeen! -faints-" Blogger reviews the Tivoli Audio Cappellini NetWorks collection

Twice, May 2009

"Tivoli Taps Interior Design, Fashion Trend"

21st Annual ICFF Show

Tivoli Audio shows off it's newest collections

Big Picture Big Sound, May 2009

Tivoli NetWorks Radio Goes Wild!

Dealerscope, May 2009

"Tivoli Audio brings colors, textures to NetWorks"

The New York Times, May 2009

"The Ascendance of Internet Radio", New York Times interviews Tom DeVesto about the NetWorks Global Audio System

2009 New York Press Event

Tivoli Audio showcases new collections to rave reviews in New York City

Gearlog, May 2009

"What's a premium company to do when its innovative designs are frequently copied by low-end competitors? Keep innovating and leave them in the dust."

Congratulations Lawrence Jenkins!

Winner of a NetWorks Global Audio System during InStyle's Deals & Steals giveway.

Corriere Della Sera highlights Tivoli Audio's Tower of Babel

Click here to view

An Update From Milan's Week of Design

See pictures of the show floor including the "Tower of Babel" made of radios.

Tivoli Audio featured at Milan's Week of Design

Tivoli Audio unveils the newest colors, textures and finishes for its NetWorks Global Audio Systems and announces a new partnership.

NetWorks featured in 2009 IF Yearbook

Tivoli Audio’s NetWorks Global Music System has been rewarded with the iF Product Design Award 2009 in the category of Audio/Video and was featured in the 2009 IF Yearbook.

Sound & Vision, March 2009

"The NetWorks Stereo Radio with FM has the look and heft of something crafted in an earlier decade, but it's built to deliver the renaissance that is Internet radio today."


NetWorks is a Breakthrough Audio System That Can Play Any Radio Station, Anywhere in the World, or Music from a Computer in Any Room in the House

"Easy peasy to use and a distinctive woody look." Tone, December 2008

"This little unit certainly opens a whole new world of listening possibilities... this woody delight connects easily to your Wi-Fi network." Tone magazine reviews the NetWorks.

Tivoli Audio NetWorks Receives 2009 iF Seal of Design Excellence

"For over 55 years iF product design award has rewarded high quality design that is more than a mere shell. iF stands for all of these facets of outstanding design." – Ralph Wiegmann, iF Managing Director

Vanity Fair (Italy), October 2008

Vanity Fair magazine interviews Tom DeVesto and reviews a vast array of Tivoli Audio products including the latest, NetWorks Global Radio.

All the best from the Best Design Awards 2008

Prodesign magazine features NetWorks in their New Products section.

Cigar Aficionado, November 2008

“Serious fidelity, self-updating software system that sorts stations for you and I never have to snore between tunes again.”

Men's Vogue, November 2008

"The sound is stunning... It would be hard to find a more complete or satisfying system for the money... The most useful audio innovation I have seen in years." - Men's Vogue, November 2008

Tivoli Audio at IFA

Video clip of the Tivoli Audio Booth at the IFA International show highlighting the NetWorks Global Radio. Click here to view the video. "Romance At Home" August 2008

Bride's magazine network featured NetWorks for that romantic at home music touch: Click here to view the video.

Watch The Boston Globe video featuring the NetWorks

Click here to view the video.

NY Press Event Pictures

Pictures from the NetWorks launch at a Press Event held in New York on May 7, 2008.

NetWorks NY Press Event Video

See a video of the NetWorks launch in New York: Click here to view the video.

Tivoli Audio Networks Press Release

A Breakthrough, Yet Simple Device That Can Play Any Station, or Your Own Music

Tivoli Audio Appoints New President And COO

Tom DeVesto, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Tivoli Audio LLC, leading Boston manufacturer and designer of highly acclaimed, award-winning signature audio products, announces the appointment of Bob Brown as its new president and chief operating officer. Mr. Brown comes to Tivoli Audio from Lenbrook America Corp, where he was the president and CEO.

NetWorks Announcement.

Internet Radios, initially scheduled for release late in 2007 are now scheduled to be available in June, 2008. If you want to be notified when shipments arrive, please call 866-848-6544 or email Thank you!

Model One® in Real Simple magazine

The Model One® Radio was featured in a "the top 20: home goods" section in the January 2008 issue of Real Simple Magazine.

Hong Kong receives registered trademark

Tivoli Audio is now a registered trademark in Hong Kong. This valuable and important right enables us to act against counterfeiters using our name.

Model Three®

The Model Three® Clock Radio was featured in a "Work Time" section on clocks in the November 2007 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Tivoli Audio Presents Its Music System and Model One in New Exotic Hardwoods and Decorative Finishes

Tivoli Audio re-introduces its all-in-one Music System and classic Model One table radio in new finishes featuring exotic and decorative hardwoods.

Tivoli Audio Brings Global Radio Into The Home With The NetWorks Internet/FM Table Radio

If you like listening to Italian Opera direct from Milan or rock music from New York City, or any specialty, niche radio station from any location in the world in its native language, in real time, Tivoli Audio’s NetWorks Table Radio is for you.

Tivoli Audio to Ship Tabletop Internet Radios

Tivoli Audio, which makes the iconic Model One tabletop radio, announced Friday that late in 2007 it will begin shipping two versions of a tabletop radio for Web radio: the NetWorks, a tabletop version, and the NetWorksGo, a travel radio.

Wi-Fi Enabled NetWorksGo and NetWorks Table Radio from Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio seems to be coming out of their shell some by breaking from their traditional, mostly-AM/FM radio products into integrating digital music and internet radio with two new devices coming to the market this fall.

Tivoli Audio reveals radios with MP3, Real, WMA streaming

Tivoli Audio on Friday introduced a pair of radios that merge conventional FM radio with Internet streaming. The NetWorksGo and NetWorks Table Radio are both based on the company's analog-only SongBook and Model One respectively but add Internet streaming.

Tivoli Audio to Enter the Wi-Fi World with NetWorks Radio

Tivoli Audio is targeting the fall Christmas selling season for the release of two sub-$1,000 radio models in tabletop and portable versions. Using either Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, the radios will be able to access streaming content from approximately 12,000 free worldwide radio stations as well as streaming HD Radio and DAB Radio content, streaming podcasts and certain music files that are resident on a user’s hard drive from either Macs or PCs (except for iTunes-purchased content).

For Dad: Digital Entertainment System

The June issue of Cookie features the iYiYi Stereo System for iPod. "If your dad is constantly using phrases like 'big sound,' we recommend turning to Tivoli Audio, whose small design-savvy systems are well-known to pack a surprisingly rich audio punch."

Best way to wake up to your playlist

In the June issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the iYiYi is listed as one of the Best iPod Accessories. It is the "Best way to wake up to your playlist".

iYiYi® Stereo System for iPod receives 4 out of 5 stars!

Playlist magazine has reviewed the iYiYi® Stereo System for iPod and gave it 4 out of 5 stars! Dan Frakes, from Playlist, says "Tivoli Audio's iYiYi is one of the better desktop iPod speaker systems we've tested."

Tivoli Audio Music System is now available in 3 new finishes!

The Tivoli Audio Music System AM/FM/CD Hi-FI System is now available in three new finishes; walnut with a classic beigie faceplate, black ash with a silver faceplate, and cherry with a metallic taupe faceplate. Order yours today!

Save $50 on the Model Satellite® radio and SatelliteCombo® system after mail-in rebate.

Save $50, after mail-in rebate, on any Model Satellite table radio or SatelliteCombo system purchased between 4/22/07 and 6/30/07. Model Satellite radio is now just $249.99 after rebate!

Stuff We Love.

The Model One table radio is featured at iVillage, in a section titled "Stuff We Love". iVillage says, "You'll be shocked at how clear even the weakest stations come blaring through."

Model Two is featured in GQ

The Model Two AM/FM stereo is featured in the April issue of GQ as the ideal bedroom stereo and iPod companion. The article is called "Home Front > Perfect Sleeper", by Michael Hsu.

SongBook® travel radio featured in Better Homes and Gardens

The SongBook® travel radio is featured in the April issue Better Homes and Gardens, in an article titled "Rainy Days: No Matter how wet the spring day, a bit of bright rain gear will put the sun in your smile", by Kim Johnson Gross.

Platinum Series High-Gloss Audio Line is here!

The Platinum Series features a "new hand-lacquered and polished high-gloss finish, which transforms the table radio from sassy to sophisticated without diminishing it's straightforward, timeless appeal." (Robb Report Home Entertainment)

Getting the Tivoli Audio products you love just got easier with 6 month NO Interest financing.

Want to get an iYiYi or a Music System? There is an easier way to get these superb products. Apply for financing and pay No Interest for the next 6 months. Just pay off the balance in full within 6 months and pay no interest. (Minimum monthly payment required).

Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo $50 Rebate!

Save $50, after mail-in rebate, on the Model Satellite AM/FM/SIRIUS Satellite table radio and the SatelliteCombo AM/FM/CD/SIRIUS Satellite hi-fi system. Offer ends March 31, 2007.

Model Three featured on Apartment Therapy LA\'s Top Eleven List of Clock Radios

Apartment Therapy LA put together their Top Eleven list of alarm clocks that look and sound great. We're proud to know that the Tivoli Audio® Model Three™ AM/FM clock radio made the cut.

Tivoli Audio® Music System Now in Stock

The Platinum Series Tivoli Audio® Music System AM/FM/CD Hi-Fi system is now in stock in three fabulous high-gloss, hand-lacquered finishes: Piano Black, Piano White and Dark Walnut.

MOMA Loves SongBook.

The SongBook is one of the newest Tivoli Audio products to be embraced by the design community for it's unique looks and smart design. It was selected by the Museum of Modern Art, in New York and San Francisco, to be included in their museum store.

Save $50 on the Model Satellite® radio and SatelliteCombo® system for a limited time!

Save $50, after mail-in rebate, on the Model Satellite AM/FM/SIRIUS Satellite table radio and the SatelliteCombo AM/FM/CD/SIRIUS Satellite hi-fi system. Offer ends ends February 24, 2007.

REDBOOK Features the iYiYi Stereo System.

REDBOOK magazine features the iYiYi hi-fidelity stereo system for iPod in their December issue saying it's "a man's dream come true."

Great deals on Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo. Hurry, the sale ends soon.

We hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season. Remember, time is running out on the Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo sale.

Model One featured in a Target commercial

The Model One is featured in one of the latest Target Christmas commercials.

Tivoli Audio Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Radio on December 24th, 2006

Boston, MA -- One hundred years ago, the world received its first broadcast of voice and music giving birth to the age of wireless radio as a form of entertainment and news. As an internationally- acclaimed radio company, Tivoli Audio finds it fitting to pay tribute to a relatively unknown inventor by the name of Reginald Aubrey Fessenden as the “Father of Broadcasting”, who conceived of this concept with the world’s first transmission of voice and music on December 24, 1906.

DOMINO Features the Model Two Stereo table radio.

DOMINO magazine featured the Model Two AM/FM stereo table radio in their November issue in an article about computer/iPod speakers. " can plug an iPod or portable CD player into the auxilliary input and it sounds really good."

Tivoli Audio Music System at the WIRED Store in NYC

The Tivoli Audio Music System is a featured product at the WIRED Store. Every year, the editors of WIRED magazine choose the best products of the year to be featured in their store. We're proud that the Tivoli Audio Music System is included this year, alongside some of the best products on the market.

Happy Holidays from Oslo!

The Holiday Season is in full swing in Oslo, Norway. The hot gift for stylish Norwegians this year? Tivoli Audio radios of course!

iYiYi® System is featured on Men.Style.Com Gift Guide

Despite its alarming name, Tivoli's take on the iPod dock promises a relatively smooth start to the day. In addition to levels of fidelity you'd expect from a company cofounded by late audio master Henry Kloss, the iYiYi comes with a built-in alarm that can wake you with music from your iPod.

iSongBook® System and SatelliteCombo® SIRIUS Satellite Hi-Fi System featured on FOX NEWS Gift Guide

Anything from the high-end audio house Tivoli will bring a smile to his face on Christmas morning, but Tivoli's new iSongBook system is probably the coolest new product they offer. An AM/FM receiver coupled with a digital alarm clock, plus a really cool flip-down iPod dock make this system complete.

Gear Live features the Music System in their Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for something different in the home stereo area, look no further than the Tivoli Audio Music System. This is an all-in-one solution that actually works - very well. The user interface is super-simple, and the buttons on the unit are exactly what they need to be.

PEOPLE Magazine features the floral iSongBook™ system for Anthropologie

The iSongBook is available in a new floral pattern. This combination was designed exclusively for Anthropologie and was featured in the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine.

Spend a little, save a lot!

Save $100* on the Model Satellite® AM/FM/SIRIUS Satellite table radio and the SatelliteCombo® AM/FM/CD/SIRIUS Satellite hi-fi system. Offer ends ends December 31, 2006.

Save $100 on the Model Satellite. Order today!

We've lowered the price of the Model Satellite® radio and SatelliteCombo® hi-fi system for a limited time. Offer ends December 31, 2006. Order yours today.

PAL Case Contest

On October 27, the PAL CASE Contest had its grand finale in the Dutch Design Center, the perfect location for this event. The Contest inspired no less than fifty-nine international designers to create a ‘case’ for the PAL Radio.

CNET Asia reviews the iYiYi high-fidelity stereo system for iPod

CNET Asia recently reviewed the iYiYi saying, "For a room clad in designer furnishings, it really needs a bedside radio that can cut it amongst the chic. The iYiYi has all that licked."

Save $50 on Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo!

Save $50, after mail-in rebate, on the Model Satellite AM/FM/SIRIUS Satellite table radio and the SatelliteCombo AM/FM/CD/SIRIUS Satellite hi-fi system. Offer ends ends November 22, 2006.

Tivoli Audio® Music System Receives Wired Magazine Editor\\\'s Pick

In a recent article in WIRED Test, the Tivoli Audio Music System was compared to the Polk Audio i-Sonic, the Roku R1000 SoundBridge, the Music Hall RDR-1 and the Crosley Explorer 1. The Music System bested all of the competitors and recieved top honors in the side-by-side comparison and walked away with the Editor's Pick.

The Tivoli Audio® Music System has arrived. Order yours today!

We use hand-lacquered wood where others are content with plastic. The Tivoli Audio® Music System – like all our products – incorporates one of the finest tuners available at any price. It is simple to use but sophisticated inside. “The Tivoli Audio Music System is exactly what an all-in-one system should be.” (Wired – Editors Pick, Best of TEST)

iYiYi High-Fidelity Stereo System for iPod is now in stock!

Wake in the morning to music you select from your iPod. Tune in to your favorite radio stations. Control your music from across the room. The Tivoli Audio® iYiYi™ system is the definitive high-end home iPod player.

Tivoli Audio: New Designer Audio Line at TARGET

Select Tivoli Audio products are now available in TARGET stores nationwide. We are proud to be "named" the Designer Line for the audio department. Tivoli Audio joins the ranks of such noted designers as Isaac Mizrahi, Phillipe Starck, and many others who have collaborated with TARGET.

From Brant Rock tower, radio age was sparked

MARSHFIELD, MA -- A century ago, radio pioneer Reginald A. Fessenden used a massive 420 -foot radio tower that dwarfed Brant Rock to send voice and music to ships along the Atlantic coast, in what has become known as the world's first voice radio broadcast. This week, Marshfield will lay claim to its little-known radio heritage with a three-day extravaganza to celebrate the feat -- including pilgrimages to the base of the long-dismantled tower, a cocktail to be named the Fessenden Fizz, and a dramatic reenactment of the historic moment, called "Miracle at Brant Rock."

\"What\'s Hot from Tivoli\"

SINGING A NEW SONG: Tivoli Audio founder and CEO Tom DeVesto recently discovered that the very first radio broadcast of voice and music took place exactly 100 years ago. He's marking the occasion with a special edition of Tivoli's terrific SoundBook, my absolute favorite travel radio/portable loudspeaker system.

Tivoli Audio Celebrates 100 Years of Radio with Tribute to World\\\'s First Wireless Broadcast in 19

Boston, MA -- One hundred years ago this year, the world received its first broadcast of voice and music giving birth to the age of wireless radio as a form of entertainment and news. As an internationally- acclaimed radio company, Tivoli Audio finds it fitting to pay tribute to a relatively unknown inventor by the name of Reginald Aubrey Fessenden as the “Father of Broadcasting”, who conceived of this concept with the world’s first transmission of voice and music on December 24, 1906.

To Commemorate 100 Years of Broadcasting: Tivoli Audio Introduces its SongBook Radio in Bronze

One hundred years ago this year, the world received its first broadcast of voice and music giving birth to the age of wireless radio as a form of entertainment and news. As an internationally- acclaimed radio company, Tivoli Audio finds it fitting to pay tribute to a relatively unknown inventor by the name of Reginald Aubrey Fessenden as the “Father of Broadcasting,” who produced the world’s first transmission of voice and music on December 24, 1906, with its newly introduced 100-year commemorative SongBook clock radio in bronze.

Tivoli Audio Introduces the iYiYi - Digital Home Entertainment System

BOSTON, MA — For those who want great sounding music and want to use their iPod as an additional music source, Tivoli Audio introduces the iYiYi digital home entertainment system. The iYiYi with its universal docking station can be used with all Apple iPod units, including the new nano and video models. The docking station recharges the iPod when docked and the supplied remote control operates the functions of the iPod and the iYiYi.

Tivoli Audio Introduces All-In-One Music System: As the Ultimate in High Fidelity Stereo Sound

BOSTON, MA — After three years in development, Tivoli Audio brings to market its newest creation – the all-in-one Tivoli Audio Music System, a full-featured tabletop music system as the ultimate in high fidelity stereo sound. With its concert quality sound, the Music System is designed to bring music to the ears of the most discerning audiophile and lover of music.

Tivoli Audio in Development with Model HD – Its First HD Digital AM/FM Table Radio

Boston, MA – Tivoli Audio announces that it is in development of its Model HD digital AM/FM Table Radio. The new Model HD digital table radio receives HD radio and HD digital multicasts where available without the need for contracts, fees or subscription rates in order to obtain service.

Tivol Audio Makes a Fashion Statement with its SongBook Travel Clock Radio in Pink and Light Green

BOSTON, MA – For those who want music wherever they go anywhere in the world and want the hottest new colors as well, Tivoli Audio introduces its SongBook travel clock radio in the latest fashion colors of pink and light green.

Tivoli Audio B-Goods Outlet Site

At the B-Goods Outlet site, you will find some exciting deals and everyday discounts on our B-Goods products. B-Goods products are customer returns, slightly blemished products or discontinued items.

$20 SIRIUS rebate extended until June 24th!

Save $20 on all Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo purchases made between May 7th and June 24th.

Santa Comes Early!

Santa came early this year. He paid a visit to our distributor in Finland, Mr. Jouni Heikkinen. We also found out that not only is Santa a fan of Tivoli Audio, but he loves the SongBook!

Save $20 on Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo Purchases!

Save $20 on all Model Satellite and SatelliteCombo purchases made between May 7th and May 27th.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month

April has been designated as "Jazz Appreciation Month". Jazz is hailed as one of the great American music genres. From New York to New Orleans, jazz has a colorful heritage and many dedicated fans.

Sir Paul McCartney and the iPAL.

The iPAL makes a guest appearance in "Paul McCartney: Beyond Chaos and Creation". The iPAL is featured on the dvd as a studio companion of McCartney.

New Additions to Tivoli Audio!

Congratualtions to Tivoli Audio's own Yoni Potter and Jennifer Reuss! Yoni is awaiting the birth of her son and Jennifer is waiting for the arrival of her baby girl.

Do you want to work at Tivoli Audio?

Tivoli Audio is now hiring for multiple positions. Please view the list of open positions on our careers page. Start a challenging and rewarding new career at Tivoli Audio today!

March Madness on SIRIUS!

Do you love college basketball? The NCAA Tournament is underway and you can hear all of the action on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

iSongBook Portable iPod Music System receives “red dot” for superior design quality

For its outstanding design, the iSongBook Portable iPod Music System of Tivoli Audio, LLC. receives one of the most sought-after design awards world-wide: the red dot. The quality label is awarded annually for superior design quality and innovative design in the “red dot design award” international competition.

Tivoli talks about HD Radio.

You have probably heard or will hear about HD (High Definition) Radio. As we are in the business of making radios, we are keeping a very keen eye on this emerging technology. There are, however, several obstacles that must be overcome before we can bring a Tivoli Audio HD radio to market.

Tivoli Audio recognized for outstanding customer service!

In a recent article on Washington Post website, titled "The Checkout", Tivoli Audio is recognized for outstanding customer service. Other companies that made the list are Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines and Lands End.

iSongBook in Black/Silver Now Shipping!

The iSongBook in a new shiny black and silver finish that matches the new black iPods is now shipping.

iPod Observer Rates iSongBook \"GREAT\"!

iPod Observer recently reviewed the iSongBook. They said "True to its heritage, the iSongBook is one of the finest iPod speaker solutions we have come across, and certainly bests all other portable offerings out there."

iSongBook: BACK in BLACK!

The iSongBook comes in a new shiny black and silver finish that matches the new black iPods. Order yours today!

Top-Firing Stereo Speaker Now In Stock!

The new top-firing Stereo Speaker is now in stock and ready to ship! Pair it with a Model Three or Model Satellite and hear what you've been missing!

Plays of the Year Awards: The Best iPod-Related Products of 2005

The iSongBook was awarded "Best 'Transportable' iPod Speaker" from Playlist Magazine, a leading source for all things related to the iPod and digital music. "For the iPod user who also loves the radio, the iSongBook is an impressive system."

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Sign-up for the Tivoli Audio newsletter to find out about new products, offers and more. You will also be automatically entered to win a Model One AM/FM Table Radio! One lucky winner is drawn each month. Don't miss out on your chance of winning, sign-up today!

New York Times Features the iSongBook!

The iSongBook was featured today in the NY Times Technology section. Click here to read the full article.

New iSongBook Review

iPod Garage said "Unless and until someone else comes up with something even better, we have no trouble deeming the iSongBook the king of the hill when it comes to high-quality compact iPod speaker systems."

Are you a Howard Stern fan?

Howard Stern has less than 30 shows left before his switch to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Visit to find out more about his move to satellite radio and how to get a free 7 day trial!

iLounge takes a first look at the iSongBook

Jeremy Horwitz said, "Tivoli Audio’s iSongBook may well wind up becoming the premium iPod speaker buyer’s pick of choice."

Want to learn more about SIRIUS satellite radio?

Everything from Martha Stewart to the entire NBA season, they have something for you! With the Model Satellite you get the best of both worlds, SIRIUS Satellite Radio broadcasts and AM/FM programming!

iSongBook is now available!

iSongBook, the portable iPod music system is available to order. It turns your iPod into a mini hi-fi system! Order yours today!

Tivoli Audio Introduces iSongBook™: Turns iPod Into a Complete Portable Rechargeable Music System

For those who want great sounding music at home or wherever they go, Tivoli Audio introduces the iSongBook, its newest music system with flip-down dock specifically made for the Apple iPod. The flip-down docking station will fit all iPod models and recharges the iPod when docked.

Tivoli Audio Fit for a King!

The Norwegian Crown Princess Mette Marit and her husband, the Crown Prince Haakon; love to go shopping. On a recent shopping trip, the couple were spotted going into an audio dealer in Oslo. They emerged from the store with none other than a Tivoli Audio radio!

New All-In-One Tivoli Audio Music System™ Offers Eye-Opening Features and Superb Sound Quality

Anyone who still had doubts that good things come in small packages is about to get a wake-up call from Tivoli Audio, as it introduces the new all-in-one Tivoli Audio Music System, a full-featured tabletop music system engineered to produce exceptional high-fidelity stereo sound.

Two New colors added for a limited time!

The Model One Table Radio is now available in Silver/Cherry and the RadioCombo is available in Silver/White.

Model Two, Model CD and Model Subwoofer now available in Silver/Black Ash!

Model Two, Model CD, Model Subwoofer, RadioCombo and RadioWorks are available in Silver/Black Ash.


For those who want great sounding music wherever they go and products in hot fashion colors that look as good as they sound, Tivoli Audio introduces its PAL 2005 Fashion Collection.

The World\\\'s Largest Model One Table Radio!

The world's largest Model One table radio is being constructed in Oslo, Norway.

Announcing the Model DAB!

Tivoli Audio is proud to announce the Model DAB! The World's first and only DAB/AM/FM Table Radio from the makers of the world's finest radios.

Limited Edition Model One!

The Model One is now offered in a highly limited quantity in a special color combination. It is available in the standard black cabinet with a silver face. There are only 500 available, so order now before they are gone!

Martha Stewart Living Radio is coming to Sirius Satellite Radio!

Martha Stewart and Sirius Satellite radio have announced the arrival of "Martha Stewart Living Radio" for later this year.

SongBook Carry Bag Now Shipping!

The SongBook Carry Bag is now in-stock and ready to ship! The SongBook Carry Bag is the perfect accessory for your SongBook radio. The convenient side pocket is designed to fit an iPod® (not included) and allows easy connection to the auxiliary input on the side of the radio.

Tivoli Audio Appoints Jeff Stone as New President and Chief Operating Officer!

Tivoli Audio LLC, leading Boston manufacturer and designer of highly acclaimed, award-winning signature audio products, announces the appointment of Jeffrey Stone as its new president and chief operating officer. Mr. Stone comes to Tivoli Audio from Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, where he was the president and CEO.

MSNBC says \"SongBook Portable Really Sings\"

"If the people at Tivoli Audio make the best table radio, the best two-speaker stereo radio, the best clock radio and the best rechargeable portable radio on the planet, what can they do for an encore? How about the absolute best-sounding portable clock radio of all time?"

Satellite radios in all shapes and sizes

Gary Krakow, of MSNBC, reviews the Model Satellite in his article titled "Satellite Radios in All Shapes and Sizes".

Model Satellite featured in WIRED Magazine

The Model Satellite is featured in the March 2005 issue of WIRED Magazine in an article titled "Satellite Radio At A Glance".

Model Satellite Honored at International CES

Model Satellite, the world's first tabletop satellite radio, was honored at this year's International CES show recently held in Las Vegas, NV.

SatelliteWorks Now Available!

SatelliteWorks combines the Tivoli Audio Model Satellite with our Model CD player and Stereo Speaker to create the world’s coolest digital stereo system.

PAL on NBC\\\'s Today Show!

The Tivoli Audio PAL was on NBC's Today Show this morning by SHOP ETC. magazine. It was a featured gift in a segment called "Great gifts for the difficult people on your list".


Tivoli Audio is pleased to introduce the PAL Timberland Limited Edition, inspired by the rugged and dependable products that have made the New Hampshire-based footwear, apparel and accessory company famous around the world.