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iSongBook® System and SatelliteCombo® SIRIUS Satellite Hi-Fi System featured on FOX NEWS Gift Guide

Teach Him to Listen Anything from the high-end audio house Tivoli will bring a smile to his face on Christmas morning, but Tivoli's new iSongBook system is probably the coolest new product they offer. An AM/FM receiver coupled with a digital alarm clock, plus a really cool flip-down iPod dock make this system complete. If the man on your list hasn't gone in for the iPod, check out the other Hi-Fi systems. Not only are they top quality audio-wise, they are among the most beautiful money can buy. If he's a man, he listens to Howard. But even if he's never yelled "bababooey!" there's a whole lot to love about Sirius satellite radio. With 10 sports channels, 98 music channels (including one dedicated strictly to The Who, another to The Boss) two channels of comedy (in addition to the two Howard Stern channels), you can't lose with a subscription to Sirius. View the Gift Guide article here.