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Model Three featured on Apartment Therapy LA\'s Top Eleven List of Clock Radios

Apartment Therapy LA put together their Top Eleven list of alarm clocks that look and sound great. We're proud to know that the Tivoli Audio® Model Three™ AM/FM clock radio made the cut. Read the full story: ATLA's Top Ten Eleven Alarm Clocks The bedside alarm clock, that small bedroom appliance of necessity (for most) and torture (for all). It's funny how most of us need a little electronic/analog device to nag us out of bed each morning, but without one I wonder how many of us would make it to work on time. Half the time I wake up before the alarm goes off with Nostradamus-like premonition, just so I can eke out a few precious more minutes of shuteye. But still, it's a safety net I do not dare go without. It's certainly easy enough to find alarm clocks of all shapes, sizes, and methods of awakening. But to find an alarm clock that looks half-way decent is another story altogether. So we present to you Apartment Therapy LA's Top Ten Eleven Best Looking Alarm Clocks. It's about time, right? »Click to visit Apartment Therapy LA.