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Announcing the Model DAB!

DAB’s (Digital Audio Broadcasting) crystal clear, digital quality does not automatically mean great sound, unless the radio you’re listening to sounds great.
The Model DAB, Tivoli Audio’s first DAB table radio, offers the same hi-fidelity sound our analog radios are known for, as well as the same distinguished look. And you will still be able to enjoy conventional analog AM/FM thanks to our sensitive Henry Kloss tuner. Also on board is a digital clock and adjustable Snooze and Sleep timer, not to mention a plethora of analog inputs and stereo outputs. Add our optional Stereo Speaker, Model Subwoofer, and Model CD (sold separately) for an unbeatable compact audio system. Take full advantage of DAB’s superior sound with a superior sounding radio...the Model DAB.

This product is available for purchase in those countries who utlize DAB technology.
It is not for sale or intended to be used inside the United Sates.