Tivoli Audio in the news

Tivoli talks about HD Radio.

You have probably heard or will hear about HD (High Definition) Radio. As we are in the business of making radios, we are keeping a very keen eye on this emerging technology. There are, however, several obstacles that must be overcome before we can bring a Tivoli Audio HD radio to market.

The first is cost. Until this technology becomes less expensive, it is not possible to manufacture an HD radio that is economical for our customers. Secondly, but just as important, is sound quality. The HD broadcast fidelity varies greatly from station to station and often leaves much to be desired despite what you may read in the press.

Once manufacturing costs come down and the sound quality is what you have become accustomed to hearing from a Tivoli Audio radio we will manufacture a Tivoli HD radio. Until then, you can continue to enjoy high fidelity sound from any one of our fine analog radios. These radios will not be obsolete any time soon.