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Tivoli Audio Introduces the iYiYi - Digital Home Entertainment System

BOSTON, MA — For those who want great sounding music and want to use their iPod as an additional music source, Tivoli Audio introduces the iYiYi digital home entertainment system. The iYiYi with its universal docking station can be used with all Apple iPod units, including the new nano and video models. The docking station recharges the iPod when docked and the supplied remote control operates the functions of the iPod and the iYiYi. “With all the ‘i’ products on the marketplace, it was time to produce the iYiYi digital home entertainment system as a consumer electronics product that again distinguishes Tivoli Audio from the others,” says Tom DeVesto, Chairman and CEO of Tivoli Audio. “That said, iYiYi is much more than a playback system for the iPod, and comes complete with a state-of-the art AM/FM radio, built-in alarm and digital clock.” The new iYiYi features a highly sensitive digital AM/FM tuner for clear and precise reception, with internal and external FM antennas and built-in AM antenna. Stations may be tuned manually or via 5 AM and 5 FM favorite station preset buttons with a “seek” function to automatically search for stations. It utilizes two 3” full-range drivers.

Available in white or black with rubberized knobs, the iYiYi system with its universal docking station and seven dock adapters is a perfect match for any iPod model. It also features an auto-brightness blue backlit LCD display with Radio Data System (RDS) information where available. The LCD shows the station tuning as well as the digital clock, whose functions include alarm and 20-minute sleep timer that can be set to wake to an iPod or AM/FM radio. There is an auxiliary input and stereo headphone output as well as a mixing input to permit audio from a computer to be mixed in with another source. The internal transformer eliminates the clumsy “wall wart” power supply. The credit card-sized remote controls the iPod when docked with access to the iPod menu, as well as the iYiYi. The iYiYi digital home entertainment system is suggested to retail for $299.99, and it will be sold nationwide, starting fall 2006, at distinctive retailers, and direct by calling toll-free to 877-297-9479 or online.