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Tivoli Audio Introduces All-In-One Music System: As the Ultimate in High Fidelity Stereo Sound

BOSTON, MA — After three years in development, Tivoli Audio brings to market its newest creation – the all-in-one Tivoli Audio Music System, a full-featured tabletop music system as the ultimate in high fidelity stereo sound. With its concert quality sound, the Music System is designed to bring music to the ears of the most discerning audiophile and lover of music. The Tivoli Audio Music System includes a built-in slot-load CD player, AM/FM radio, built-in powered subwoofer and amplifier, and digital clock with battery backup and dual alarms. The single-slot CD player has shuffle and repeat functions, and is compatible with all popular music formats, including CD, MP3, WMA, CD-R, and CD-RW. Both AM and FM antennas are included for optimum radio reception, and buttons on the front enable pre-setting of six favorite AM and FM radio stations. A 32-character, easy-to-read, automatically adjusting lighted display shows CD/MP3 text or Radio Data System (RDS) information, where available. “With its array of easy-to-use features, digital automatic or manual tuning systems, and its sophisticated electronics, the Tivoli Audio Music System offers incredible sound and versatility,” says Mr. DeVesto. “Its convenient features, advanced engineering and rich sound quality make it an ideal home entertainment system for any room in the house.” Whatever the sound source, either CD, radio or when hooked up to your television, the Tivoli Audio Music System offers full and expansive, high-fidelity stereo sound via its two incorporated speakers with listening choices between mono, stereo and SpacePhase™ wide mode, while a built-in, down-firing 5” magnetically-shielded powered subwoofer adds rich musical bass. The subwoofer also has a control for volume. The unit also features a bass reflex design for extended bass response, and separate amps for maximum power efficiency. It offers full-range, long-throw 3” drivers. The digital clock functionalities of the Tivoli Audio Music System are equally abundant, and include a calendar. Dual alarms can be set for wake-up to AM, FM, CD, or tone, and a 7-minute snooze function lets users grab a few extra minutes before being reawakened. In addition, a fixed sleep timer automatically turns off the music after a 20-minute time period and has a push-button re-set feature; and the time is always visible on the unit’s large, light blue dot-matrix display. For extra sleep comfort, the display light has a built-in light sensor to automatically diminish the light in darkness. For even more convenience, the Tivoli Audio Music System comes with a credit card-sized remote control, and features a front panel stereo headphone output, two rear ports for enhanced bass, stereo record output, and auxiliary and mixing inputs. Unlike other systems all functions are available on the unit itself in the event of a missing remote control. The power supply is internal and there is a battery back-up for the clock and alarm.

Housed in attractive, multi-layered, high-gloss hand-lacquered dark walnut, piano black or piano white wood cabinets with classic beige or silver faceplates, the Tivoli Audio Music System measures approximately 14-3/16”W x 5-1/2”H x 9-5/8”D, and weighs under 13 pounds. It is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and has a suggested retail price of $599.99. It will be sold nationwide, starting fall 2006, at distinctive retail outlets and direct by calling toll-free to 877-297-9479 or online at