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From Brant Rock tower, radio age was sparked

MARSHFIELD, MA -- A century ago, radio pioneer Reginald A. Fessenden used a massive 420 -foot radio tower that dwarfed Brant Rock to send voice and music to ships along the Atlantic coast, in what has become known as the world's first voice radio broadcast. This week, Marshfield will lay claim to its little-known radio heritage with a three-day extravaganza to celebrate the feat -- including pilgrimages to the base of the long-dismantled tower, a cocktail to be named the Fessenden Fizz, and a dramatic reenactment of the historic moment, called "Miracle at Brant Rock." "Fessenden deserves credit for being the first voice and music broadcaster, the first disc jockey, the first person to play live instrumental music and talk and recite poetry" by radio, said Scott Wheeler , a member of the Fessenden Centennial Committee, playfully abbreviated as the FCC. "We're trying to hit it big in every way, so everyone knows this Canadian guy with a big white beard is the father of communication." The celebration, which begins Friday , has attracted the attention of local radio aficionados, as well as people from as far away as Australia. Tivoli Audio is the proud sponsor of this wonderful event. Come on by and enjoy some great bands, good food and Tivoli Audio radios!