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iYiYi High-Fidelity Stereo System for iPod is now in stock!

Listen to the radio. Listen to your iPod. It’s all good. Wake in the morning to music you select from your iPod. Tune in to your favorite radio stations. Control your music from across the room. The Tivoli Audio® iYiYi® system is the definitive high-end home iPod player. “With a digital AM/FM radio, built-in alarm, digital clock, credit card-sized remote control, blue backlit LCD display, and Radio Data System (RDS) support, iYiYi offers the ultimate listening experience.” (TechEBlog) The iYiYi system connects and charges all dockable iPods. The hallmark Tivoli Audio tuner includes five FM and five AM station preset buttons, a ‘seek’ function, and built-in antennas. The blue backlit display provides information on station tuning, the time, and the status of the 20-minute sleep timer. It adds up to the ultimate home audio system for anyone looking for iPod and radio control in one unit. “Yes, the iYiYi has a funny name, but, like a foreign supermodel, also has the looks to back it up.” (Uncrate) The iYiYi system is available in high-gloss white or high-gloss black. Just like your iPod.