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Tivoli Audio® Music System Receives Wired Magazine Editor\\\'s Pick

In a recent article in WIRED Test, the Tivoli Audio Music System was compared to the Polk Audio i-Sonic, the Roku R1000 SoundBridge, the Music Hall RDR-1 and the Crosley Explorer 1. The Music System bested all of the competitors and recieved top honors in the side-by-side comparison and walked away with the Editor's Pick. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tivoli Audio Music System is exactly what an all-in-one system should be: a cinch to operate. Its uncluttered interface and elegantly integrated functions are so intuitive that you can ignore the user's manual. (We had it up and running in two minutes.) The system comprises an AM/FM radio, a CD player, and an auxiliary input for your MP3 player or other audio source. The speakers emit enough sound to fill any bedroom or den. Set the audio on "SpacePhase" mode and blast tunes from wall to wall. Basic Buttons You won't find a confusing or unnecessary button on the Music System. The Mode button switches among audio sources, and the Snooze button on top doubles intelligently as a Mute key when you're playing music. Smart LEDs The huge 32-character monochrome display is easy to read even from across the room. Plus, it automatically dims when the lights go off, so it won't interfere with your shut-eye. Kickin' Bass The bass wobbles a bit at maximum decibels, but you'll never need to crank it to 11. At two-thirds volume, the box filled our large, high-ceilinged test room with clear booming sound. Superior Sound The outlandishly named SpacePhase audio setting really does provide a noticeable improvement over regular stereo. Music sounds fuller, with more midlevel detail. Two-Alarm Clock The Music System's dual alarms are simple to set, and you can choose both your wake-up sound (tone, radio, or CD) and volume level. Though with a 14.2 x 9.6-inch footprint, it'll take up some serious real estate on your nightstand. – Dustin Goot, Wired Test, October 2006 »Download a pdf or the review.