Spend a day with the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE

How would you spend your perfect summer day? Hit the open road with the top down? Find that perfect swimming home and swim and fish with friends? Watch the sun set then enjoy an evening on the patio around a fire pit? The MUSIC SYSTEM THREE lasts all day and into the night. Maybe you don’t have that active of a day, but thats alright. Even we have a little summertime envy after watching this video. Time to get going!


P.S. Don’t forget your MUSIC SYSTEM THREE!

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New Playlist Added – Yacht Rock

Smooth vocals, steamy sax solos, and oh those voices. We’re talking Soft Rock here, and not just any soft rock, YACHT ROCK.

This southern California based breed of Soft Rock makes our engineer, Sam, nice and relaxed after a long day. Why does he love Yacht Rock so much that he made his mix based around it? Nautical stripes, captain hats, classic walrus mustaches, and harbor themed music videos. So many harmonies it’s impossible to not smile.

Sail towards the sunset with Sam and his Yacht Rock playlist. He suggests sipping on the following Mai Thai recipe while kicking back and listening on the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE.



Sam’s Mai Tai Recipe
  • 1.5 oz dark rum
  • 1.5 oz amber rum
  • 3/4 oz orange curacao
  • just over 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • just over 1 oz orgeat syrup
  • Dash of grenadine

In a shaker combine all ingredients over ice. Shake vigorously and garnish with orange slice and paper umbrella.

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Summertime with the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE

Have you had an opportunity to check out or newest radio yet – the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE? The Tivoli Audio team and a few of our friends have been using the system and are sharing their summer experiences.

We’ve taken it on our deck, used it in the kitchen, brought it to cookouts, and camping. It’s been our computer speakers in our offices and then strapped to a Vespa and taken to the beach, lake, and pool. It outlasts many of our cell phone batteries’ streaming capabilities due to its 21-hour playback life.


It’s a proven to be a favorite amongst our beer snobs when they hit the end of their workday. (Or maybe we all like the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE and beer equally.)


Sometimes we’ll stream one of our coworker’s Spotify playlists they created for the Tivoli Audio Spotify account or listen to one of the 100 stations on the Tivoli Radio App. There is always the option of listening to a favorite local radio station as well.


If you want the “classic Tivoli wood look” you can wrap it in a wooden cabinet and still it is easily moved from place to place.

Basically the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE is the everything you need, all encompassing, do-it-all system of your dreams. OH YEAH, it sounds good to boot!




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Red, white, & TUNES

Happy Independence Day!

Summer is here and we have been enjoying taking our Music System Three and our employee playlists everywhere we go. We curated this list just for this holiday weekend.

Have a listen and share your summer #TivoliAudio moments with us!

Happy summer!


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New Playlist Added

Have you ever wondered what a bunch of musicians, audio-enthusiasts, and artists like to listen to? Well wait no longer. That’s who we are at Tivoli Audio and we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves and our musical tastes.

First Up – Jimmy, who works for the US sales department when he’s not drumming in his 90′s band. This is one of their set lists on steroids. We dare you not to sing-a-long to every song.

See some of our other employee’s playlists and follow us to see what we’re listening to!


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Photos courtesy The Broome Hotel

Stay Here – The Broome NYC

Visiting New York City? We recommend a stay at The Broome in the historic and artistic SOHO neighborhood.

Quality is important to them. We are proud to offer high-quality audio and alarm clocks in their Penthouse and Junior Suites with the Model Three BT.

Photos courtesy The Broome Hotel

Photos sourced from The Broome Hotel Instagram account.

Photos courtesy The Broome Hotel

Photos sourced from The Broome Hotel Instagram account.

They’ve paid attention to every aspect of the property from its design and layout to each object that surrounds you. We’re happy to be a part of your stay at The Broome

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The Model One and the Model Twenty-One, by Henry Kloss.

With Roots Like These

Tivoli Audio was lucky enough to have Henry Kloss as a co-founder when it first started off. Henry was a well know audio engineer who worked for many of the Boston based audio companies that helped advance hi-fi technologies starting in the 1950′s.

For Tivoli Audio he developed the Model One table radio. Similar to some of the radios he designed while at KLH, like the Model Twenty-One.

The KLH Model Twenty-One by Henry Kloss.

The KLH Model Twenty-One by Henry Kloss.

It’s no wonder this small unit sounds so big and impressive. 50 years of audio engineering led to our timeless table top, the Model One. The team at Tivoli Audio has been happy to carry on his tradition for high-quality and well designed audio equipment.

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Warm up next to the Tivoli Audio PAL+ Bluetooth this holiday season

Winter is coming and we suggest warming up with the PAL+ Bluetooth this season.

This little guy loves to get charged up and travel the world with you, but during these colder months the indoors might be calling your name. The PAL+ Bluetooth is perfect around the home, too. Keep it close while you work in the kitchen making holiday treats. Stay up late listening to your local news station for the weather report to announce snow. Feel free to take it outside and listen to the radio for up to 16 hours while you build your snowman or igloo. The PAL+ Bluetooth will last due to its built in battery. Warm up with an impromptu dance party by streaming your favorite playlist via the Bluetooth connection. And finally curl up next to the fire with your new PAL and relax knowing this future proof little radio will be with you for years to come thanks to its DAB+ capabilities.

It might be a long winter. Stay warm with the PAL+ Bluetooth.

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Tivoli Audio is on Pinterest

We don’t know if you’ve heard of Pinterest. (Perhaps we are insulting those web-savvy individuals.) For those who don’t know about it, check out some of our pins!

Visit Tivoli Audio’s profile on Pinterest.

We love how we can share things that interest us and hope interest you. Some of our boards include Podcasts We Listen To, Take it Outside – Places where you can (and should) take your PAL, and our favorite decor inspired board Tivoli Audio in the Home.

Take a look around Pinterest, get inspired or learn something new while listening to one of the podcasts and start your own pin boards for what inspires you.

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Beach Tunes added to the Tivoli Radio App

Summer has finally arrived and at Tivoli Audio we’re charging up the portable radios and tossing our bathing suits and sunscreen in our bags. It’s time to hit the beach! In celebration of the fact we survived this years tough New England winter and made it to the warmer days the app got loaded up with a new theme, Beach Tunes, 10 stations that will make your days at the beach more enjoyable.

mvyradio – Based on Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, mvyradio is an eclectic mix of adult progressive rock playing Bob Dylan to Death Cab for Cutie.

Fun Radio – Paris based radio station with the slogan “Le Son Dance floor” (“The Dance floor Sound”), it plays a mix of R&B, Dance, Electro, and House music.

La Grosse Radio Reggea – 100% devoted to Reggae music, the music that influenced it as well as the music Reggae helped to inspire.

Surf 1700 – A “beach, island, and sunshine oldies station”, this station plays all the classics from the past while focusing on fun in the sun.

Palm Tree Radio UK – “The sound of sunshine”, Palm Tree Radio UK focuses on Beach-Calypso music, guaranteeing you that Caribbean feel.

OpenLab.fm – If ambient and chill sounds are more your speed while at the beach then OpenLab.fm is for you.

Antenne Bayern – Oldies but Goldies -  It’s all in the title of this station. Beach days take us back to a simpler time and so does this great oldies station based out of Germany.

TikiBar Radio – Surf Rock Oldies and Hawaiian tunes. Sit in the sunshine and this station will make you feel the ocean breeze and smell the surf if you can’t make it to the beach.

1Live – Top 40 Euro hits from Germany. Get ready to sing and dance to the latest hits.

Oyster Radio – A little country and some classic oldies make this a relaxing beachside listen.

Listen to all these stations and more on the Tivoli Radio App. Haven’t downloaded it yet? Get it now for iPhone/iPad and Android.



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