Model 10® Stereo Clock Radio

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Smaller size, bigger sound.

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M10SUB for a free Model Subwoofer
M10PHN for free Radio Silenz Headphones
M10BLU for a free Blucon


The Model 10™ AM/FM clock radio is the smallest and best performing stereo system we’ve produced in our 10 years of design and development. Not since the introduction of the Model One has a radio delivered such great reception and high fidelity sound.

The Model 10 is also available in three Designer Collection colors.

The Model 10 features award winning Tivoli Audio® circuitry that combines a state-of-the-art digital tuner and clock with a 3" heavy magnet full range driver that produces rich and detailed room-filling sound. An adjustable EQ perfects the levels to individual preference with controls for treble, bass, loudness, and balance. In addition, the beautifully styled, real furniture grade wood cabinet is ported for enhanced bass.

All of the radio’s functions are easily accessed by a single top-mounted rotary control dial or with the convenient remote control. The digital interface is intuitive and it is quick and easy to navigate through the functions and options. The large backlit LCD and menu screen are designed with exceptional visibility in mind and users can adjust the light intensity to their preference. The digital clock has two independent alarms that will wake to either music or tone and features a sleep timer and snooze control.

The Model 10 is versatile and expandable. An auxiliary input is included for a CD player, iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 player as well as a mix audio input and record, headphone, and subwoofer outputs. Adding an optional matching stereo speaker turns the stand-alone unit into a full stereo system.

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7.95"H x 4.61"W x 4.61"D (each unit)
20.2cm H x 11.7cm W x 11.7cm D (each unit)


6.11 lbs


  • Compact footprint
  • Real furniture-grade wood ported cabinet
  • 3" full range, long-throw driver
  • Large, high visibility LCD clock and menu screen with adjustable backlight
  • Separate stereo speaker
  • FM RDS text information
  • Remote control
  • Top-mounted rotary provides simple, multi-function control
  • Five station presets
  • Dual alarm wakes to radio or tone
  • Sleep timer and snooze function
  • Real time clock maintains time during power outage
  • EQ for bass, treble, loudness, and balance
  • Meets energy conservation requirements worldwide
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Inside the box

  • Model 10 Radio
  • Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • One (1) Power Supply
  • User Guide (Download PDF)
  • Warranty Card
  • Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet
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5 Reviews

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  • Written by JTL

    Exceeds Expectations

    Having previously owned both a PAL and a couple of Songbooks, I knew I could rely on Tivoli for a quality system that wasn't intended for portable use.

    First of all, the system looks sharp. I needed something that sounded good but didn't take up too much space in my kitchen. It's almost too nice for such a small space- it would function just fine in a small to medium sized living room or bedroom.

    For music listening, it sounds far superior to the portable radios I mentioned earlier, and I have no complaints about those units either. My lone complaint about the Model 10 has to do with the AM function. Unlike the portable units, the tone of AM (talk/sports) is a little muddled and bassy. Even when adjusting the unit to a flat EQ, it just doesn't have the sharp definition of a PAL.

    However, this one complaint would not cause me to NOT recommend the Model 10. And all other features make it a vast improvement over the portable units too. The water resistant (not water proof) remote is a nice touch; I can switch channels with my wet, dish hands! I love this radio!

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 4 out of 5
  • Written by Marty Kokotaylo


    Sutstanding. Works perfectly. Programming is easily accomplished through the remote control. Owned a Model one for over 10 years now which is why when I needed a new clock radio that I turned to Tivoli again and ordered the Model 10. I have not been disapointed and will order a Songbird and iPal in the future.

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 5 out of 5
  • Written by Mr. Ed Centeno

    Most Stylish Way To Deliver Great Audio

    After listening to my colleague's Model 1 at work 9 years ago, I bought the Model 2 and loved it ever since. The Model 2 actually rivals my smaller, professional reference monitors used for studio recording.

    I've just received my Model 10 for my birthday and I am ultra pleased with this stereo. I brought mine to work and use it for radio, iPhone (Aux) and computer audio (Mix In).

    The audio range is exceptional. There is not a musical note/instrument that is missed with the clarity of the Model 10. The many options for cabinet styles are absolutely guaranteed to spruce up any office, home or studio. The hours at work are now a bit elevated and enjoyable, at least for my ears. As with all Tivoli models, this unit is easy to use and set up. There are also many added features with the digital interface to enjoy and the remote is very handy as well.

    On a side note: For those with a taste for the tight, flat, frequency response of studio reference monitors (like the inherit sound of the Model 1 & 2), try leaving the EQ setting to "Always Off" which is the "Loudness" feature used for low volumes. When I first set up my Model 10, I thought they were too "boomy" as in too much loose, low end. With the combination of the long throw speakers, the EQ (Loudness) off and proper placement as described in the manual, these speakers sound tight and have a full, frequency range at any volume. This set up is most pleasing when listening to FM stations that "dynamically over compress" their audio signal.

    Thank you Tivoli Audio for such an excellent product!

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 5 out of 5
  • Written by Kevin Evans

    Superior Quality Radio

    I've had a Tivoli radio by my bed as an alarm clock for several years. Based on that, I opted to buy Tivoli when I needed a new cd player/stereo for a smaller home.

    The Model 10 was a great option with an add on cd player and subwoofer. I put it together in a few minutes, right out of the box and am loving the sound and ease of use.

    I'm no audiophile, however, I do appreciate a quality sound for my music and cds. This one delivers all around.

    Rich tones, deep bass, but not too much for a condo home where there are neighbors close by.

    I love the size and look of these products. I bought the Ocean Blue and am very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship.

    For a middle of the road sound solution, Tivoli delivers hands down above the others out there.

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 5 out of 5
  • Written by Joe Kubasha

    Best Tabletop Radio Ever!

    Having bought a Model One ten years ago, and a Model Two a little later, the Model 10 seemed like a good idea so I sent for the stereo version. This can possibly be the best table radio ever made. Well worth it. Looks nice, sounds excellent, and is loaded with nice features. Also very sturdy with a real antenna and not just a wire. I love it! I've had my two other Tivolis for a decade and they are still working like new, so I know I will be enjoying the Model 10 for many years to come!

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 5 out of 5