Audio Reimagined Together

Beautiful Wireless Speakers and Home Audio Systems

Classic design is mixed with the latest technology to create a simple yet elegant solution to wireless audio in the home.



Download the free Tivoli Audio Wireless App to connect your speakers to your home Wi-Fi network. Customize your speakers and playback preferences with this simple to use free iOS and Android app.

Easily enjoy your personal music collection or the collection from your favorite streaming service with a few taps.

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Unique listening for you

Your taste in music is unique. How you listen should be as distinctive as you are. Use the ART by Tivoli Audio collection to build your personal audio experience. Use a single speaker, create a stereo pair, or fill your home with multi-room audio.

Wireless Combo

Wireless Combo

Multi-room System

Multi-room System

Meet the Collection

Music System Home

All-in-one Smart Hi-Fi System

The Music System Home combines vintage inspired design with the latest technology and features. Change the way you experience music in your home.

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Model One Digital

Radio Reimagined

Balancing style technology and audio quality the Model One Digital is a radio for the modern era. It delivers a new spin on the original Model One by offering FM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth®.

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Audio Art

Hung on a wall like a painting or placed in its stand like a sculpture, the SPHERA is an object of art. As a mono speaker or connected as a stereo pair, it offers uncompromising clear sound from wherever and however you choose to place it.

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Perfect Shape of Sound

Form and function combined make the compact design yet wireless room filling audio from the CUBE.

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Model CD

Hi-fi Wi-fi Streaming

Enjoy your CD collection as it was recorded wirelessly.

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Model SUB

Deeper design

The Model SUB offers deep bass. Expand the quality sound of your ART by Tivoli Audio system.

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Add to your ART Collection

ConX makes it possible to connect your other devices with the ART by Tivoli Audio collection. This Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver allows any audio product to become Wi-Fi ready and interact with the ART by Tivoli Audio speaker collection.

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