Chief of Product Design and Brand Development, Paul DePasquale, shares 10 of Tivoli Audio’s favorite special editions and brand collaborations.

For many, a Bluetooth speaker or a radio is just that, speaker or radio, but for the team at Tivoli Audio and myself, one of our favorite things to do is limited editions and brand collaborations. It shows that we are not alone in our love for music. It is one of the things that makes our brand unique and special.

We have done many of these projects through the years and here are some of the favorites from our vault:

  1.  NPR and Peter Max: SongBook/iSongBook Collaboration

To celebrate NPR’s 40th-anniversary pop artist Peter Max designed a limited-edition silkscreen for our radios. We love the bright colors and how fun this radio turned out. It really is one of a kind.

  1. Anthropologie: iSongBook Collaboration

This was a limited run project we did with Anthropologie, a woman’s clothing and home goods store. The floral design was among the first printed iPod docks.

  1. Summer 2005 Limited Edition PAL: Internal Team PAL

Until this point, Tivoli Audio produced the PAL portable radio in some pretty generic colors, but in 2005 we launched the first batch of limited editions in bright colors with accented knobs. These fun portables were made for summer and going to the beach, perfect for these portable weather-resistant radios.

  1. Cappellini: Model One Collaboration

Capellini, one of Italy’s top high-end furniture designers, approached us to create a Model One that would fit with the newest collection. What came out was a new feeling to the Model One which had always been produced in warm wooden finishes until then. The Royal Blue, Acid Green, and Chestnut Brown were more modern. The embossed grill lets you know it was a Capellini collaboration but without overriding the aesthetic of the radio.

  1. Pal BT Glo: Internal Team PALBT:

This project was something we did for ourselves. We added a leather handle to make the PAL BT even more portable and made the housing clear and frosted. From there we inserted adjustable LEDs to combine light and sound in a single package. This was a limited edition numbered piece with only 5000 made worldwide.

  1. Coach: Brand Collaboration

A leather-wrapped and embroidered PAL BT design for bag and accessories brand Coach. These limited production radios were introduced for the opening of the Coach Men’s Collection stores.

  1. World Radios: Internal Team Project with PALBT and PAL+BT

This is an ongoing and fun project that we do during world sporting events and other country-centric celebrations. With our worldwide network and love for World Cup and the Olympics, we will launch a series of limited designs for our customers to show their national pride.

  1. BBC: Model 10+ Collaboration and Design-a-Radio Competition

BBC and Tivoli Audio collaborated on a contest to produce a radio to celebrate the reopening of BBC Radio 4’s New Broadcasting House at Portland Place, it’s original location. The winner of the design-a-radio-competition, David Hampson, pushed us to look into silk dying techniques. When the limited-edition radio was released proceeds of each sale went to BBC Children in Need, an organization which helps children in the UK lead safe, happy, and empowered lives.

  1. Chrome PAL: Distributor Collaboration

This PAL radio in Chrome we made for the Danish market exclusively. It was offered in two versions: Chrome and Chrome face with a black body.

  1. Limited Edition SS2018 PAL Series: Internal Team with PALBT and PAL+BT

Our Spring/Summer PALBT/PAL+BTs are our newest limited edition.  Only 750 pieces made per color are made, which are individually numbered with a limited-edition sticker and come in Lucite Green, Deep Ocean Teal, and Anise Flower. The new Spring/Summer 2018 PALBT series was inspired by the change of the seasons from cold to warm. Lush plants springing forth, the warmth of the sun thawing the earth, and the cooling feeling of the ocean. These three sensations have been converted into unique colors.

Tell us which of the brand collaborations or limited editions is your favorite in the comments!


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