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Tivoli Audio was lucky enough to have Henry Kloss as a co-founder when it first started off. Henry was a well know audio engineer who worked for many of the Boston based audio companies that helped advance hi-fi technologies starting in the 1950's. For Tivoli Audio he developed the Model One table radio.

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Winter is coming and we suggest warming up with the PAL+ Bluetooth this season.

This little guy loves to get charged up and travel the world with you, but during these colder months the indoors might be calling your name.

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We don't know if you've heard of Pinterest. (Perhaps we are insulting those web-savvy individuals.) For those who don't know about it, check out some of our pins! 

We love how we can share things that interest us and hope interest you.

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Summer has finally arrived and at Tivoli Audio we’re charging up the portable radios and tossing our bathing suits and sunscreen in our bags.