Here at Tivoli Audio we value our roots and take pride in our heritage. Our products are inspired by classic mid-century design, at the height of global radio usage. This year, commercial radio is celebrating its 111th anniversary, and we at Tivoli Audio have decided to mark June as Radio History Month to give back and pay homage to our mainstay technology.


Throughout the month we will be providing our customers, who care as much about audio and radio as we do, with a variety of radio-centered content. We will take a dive into the history of radio and its design, iconic moments, history with a variety of posts, playlists and content, aiming to draw further attention to the impact audio-based broadcasting has had on popular media and culture over the past century.

This week we’re dipping our toes into the world of radio by giving an overview of radio’s history with a distinct Tivoli Audio spin - an emphasis on design, experience, and lifestyle. Use the hashtag #radiomonth to engage with our content further and reach out to us about any particular radio related questions. Stay tuned! 
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