Summer is at an end! Many are already back at school and some are not ready to give up the sun and fun. The Utrecht office isn't looking forward to hearing the Boston office complain all winter about snow when they don't get any. Us Boston folk feel that the snow farm didn’t officially melt until July 14th so that means we get an extra month of summer right?! NOPE.


All things must come to an end and seasons will change so we let loose a little early one day to celebrate the end of summer with a BBQ. We listened to tunes and ate some BBQ staples (hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips & dip). We also played many rounds of beer pong and learned that our Marketing and E-Commerce Managers don't like to lose.

bbqOf course we used the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE to playmusic that could be heard by the whole back yard, and perhaps some of the neighbors. Our employees have been sharing pictures all summer long while using the #MusicSystem3. Be sure to check them out!


For the unofficial final weekend of summer 2015 we gathered some of our favorites (and some not so favorites since we’ve heard them everywhere we go). Crank these poppy tunes and enjoy the weekend!


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