Have you had an opportunity to check out or newest radio yet - the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE? The Tivoli Audio team and a few of our friends have been using the system and are sharing their summer experiences.

We’ve taken it on our deck, used it in the kitchen, brought it to cookouts, and camping. It’s been our computer speakers in our offices and then strapped to a Vespa and taken to the beach, lake, and pool. It outlasts many of our cell phone batteries’ streaming capabilities due to its 21-hour playback life.

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It’s a proven to be a favorite amongst our beer snobs when they hit the end of their workday. (Or maybe we all like the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE and beer equally.)

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Sometimes we’ll stream one of our coworker’s Spotify playlists they created for the Tivoli Audio Spotify account or listen to one of the 100 stations on the Tivoli Radio App. There is always the option of listening to a favorite local radio station as well.

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If you want the “classic Tivoli wood look” you can wrap it in a wooden cabinet and still it is easily moved from place to place.

Basically the MUSIC SYSTEM THREE is the everything you need, all encompassing, do-it-all system of your dreams. OH YEAH, it sounds good to boot!

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