When we were approached by Stevie Boi, American fashion designer, to sponsor his latest runway show PINK, we jumped at the opportunity. He has burst onto the scene designing accessories, specifically sunglasses, that have adorned the face of music and fashion royalty. Luckily, he sat down with us to talk about some things we have in common, design, music and technology.

What would you describe as the moment in your past that made you realize, “I’m a designer”?

I realized I was a designer when I won my first fashion award in 2010. It was odd because I just claimed myself as a business person with some talent. After that moment I realized how much respect people have for me in the fashion world.

What made you choose eyewear?

I thought from a business perspective if I’m going to sell something it would need to get peoples attentions. Therefore, I went with eye wear because it’s the first thing you see on someone's face. I then decided to make the glasses unique for shock value.

And what lead you to start also designing clothing?

I started to design clothes simply just to wear myself. The clothes became another thing people wanted to buy, but I kept it for myself up until 2011. That's when I decided to make clothes for all people and test out different materials etc.

How important is music to your design process?

Without music I cannot create! Creating in silence is forbidden in my world. I also cannot do emails or work for periods of hours without some type of music to my ears.

What is currently your favorite music to listen to while designing?

Right now, it’s all about disco. For some odd reason I keep playing Earth, Wind, and Fire back to back in my head. I love that era it was something mystical and enchanting but dark and fun about it.

Has there been any artist or genre that helped to inspire the new PINK line?

Yes, Donna Summer. She is the ultimate Disco Diva. I listened to "I Feel Love" and realized that will be the version of PINK I want to exude. I want people to feel free but sexy when they see the PINK line. It’s nothing to revealing about this collection like my previous lines. It’s very mature but just in an array of bright variations of Pink.


Do you find that different music fits different parts of your life? Is your cooking music the same as your design music is the same as your sewing music?

Yes, at the moment I am in the Disco stage. But when I cook I’m always in either 90's R&B mode or Early 2000's Hip-Hop Mode. I have really weird playlist for different scenarios. For example, when I’m traveling I have to listen to 60's punk rock. I have no clue why, it’s so weird!

How important do you think technology is to fashion and how do you think it will evolve in the future?

The world we live in now has merged everything together. Fashion and technology deserve its own world. Keep in mind Fashion was separate from tech only up to a few years ago. Now more schools are bringing in people like me to teach and show how I used 3D printing to create products.

What made you a fan of Tivoli Audio?

I love that Tivoli Audio creates products that will not just give your great audio but will also be the right look aesthetically in your home. love the options that you are able to have and the ability to pair with any of your devices.

Are you a podcast or radio buff? If so what are you listening to?

YES! Rickey Smiley, Steve Harvey & The Breakfast Club.



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