Paul DePasquale – Chief of Product Design and Brand Development featured on as one of The Audio Designers Making a Visual Impact in 2018


Paul DePasquale

A lot of things were happening in 2015 when Paul DePasquale was promoted from Sales Manager to head of engineering and branding at Tivoli Audio. Sales were down, products were not performing as they once had, and there were new owners, but with an uphill climb that most would have given up Paul DePasquale has shown with new ideas, an attentiveness to what makes a brand unique, and sheer will, anything is possible.

Since 2015 DePasquale has developed a new line of Wi-Fi enabled products called, ART. At the center of the line was the Model One Digital released in 2017. This radio offers the classic mid-century modern vibe that makes Tivoli Audio unique, with the technology to support new listening habits, specifically streaming services. The line also has 2 additional speakers, the CUBE and ORB/SPHERA (depending on location), and the newest edition Model SUB, a wireless subwoofer that with any 2 ART speakers can create a true custom 2.1 listening experience.

The old Model One analog style tuner and the new multi-operational dial of the Model One Digital.

The original Model One analog style tuner and the new multi-operational dial of the Model One Digital.

DePasquale realized that Tivoli Audio had forgotten what made them such a unique brand, an attention to design and quality unmatched in the market and a simple approach to user interfaces. These concepts are at the corner of each new product design while DePasquale and his team challenge technology to conform to the visual asthetic and the user experience they want to achieve. The multi-operational dial surrounding the screen of the Model One Digital can tune your stations, much like the original Model One, but also offers the ability to save presets, change tracks when streaming, or pause your playlist. The simplicity of the dial was an important feature for the modern take on the Model One. 

“We want to invite a person to interact with products through tactile sensations or use of an app interface, whichever someone finds more comfortable. Currently convenience is paramount in our industry as technology and audio collide. If you asked people when we were founded in 2001 if Apple, Google, and Amazon were going to get into speakers and smart home solutions many would not have known 2 out of those three companies. Technology have come so far in such a short time!”

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