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Digital Audio Broadcasting, (DAB) is found in many Asian and European countries. It is similar to HD radio in the USA, but DAB is not broadcast in the USA.

Yes, but only the self-amplified, stereo type can be used in conjunction with the radio's headphone output. (These are often referred to as "Multi-media" speakers.)

The PAL, SongBook and Music System Three are weather resistant, not waterproof, so are suitable for use in a bathroom. (They are NOT shower radios however.) Our wood cabinets and drivers can be affected by moisture over time and so should not be used in a bathroom for extended periods.

Yes. Each of our analog Model One, Two, Three and PAL's tuner is hand calibrated at the factory, but due to the nature of the analog dial, some variation is normal.

All stereo headphones can be used with all of our radios; they use the standard 1/8 inch, (3.5mm), connector. If you are using headphones with the Model One radio you should use stereo headphones, as a monaural ear piece will not work. 

You can check if your headphones are stereo by the number of blue rings around the tip; two rings indicates stereo. Headphones rated at 32 ohms will work best with our radios.

Yes. Placing your radio in a cabinet, bookcase, near walls/counters or other hard surfaces will artificially inflate the bass. Some users have reported that placing several layers of tissue beneath the port reduces bass. Placement can also affect reception.

Regular dusting should suffice. If you must use a wax, a liquid polish is best only if used sparingly. Spray-on waxes are not recommended. Please keep in mind that the cabinet is real wood so it will darken over time.

Most of our table radios use the same analog tuner, so there will be little difference between them. All models offer excellent reception. Your choice really comes down to what features you require.



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