Albergo Cabinet


Make your Albergo table radio your own by housing it in a beautiful Tivoli Audio cabinet made especially for the Albergo radio. Classic wood finishes, such as Walnut, Cherry, and Black Ash, are available, as well as a full line of custom cabinets.

Each custom cabinet has been designed and handcrafted in Italy. Pick from the many luxurious finishes, including wood veneers, beautiful fabrics, and sumptuous leather looks. These superbly finished cases are ingeniously designed to effortlessly slide on to the Albergo.

The Albergo Cabinet Kit contains everything you need to easily install your radio into the cabinet of your choice with only a screwdriver. The simple installation doesn’t require the radio itself to be disassembled. In a short period of time, without much effort, your Albergo radio will be transformed.

The radio itself comes in 5 carefully chosen colours and features the latest technologies for listening to radio and streaming your music. Not only can you pick the perfect colour Albergo radio to express your style, but now you can wrap the radio in one of the many cabinet options, taking listening pleasure to a whole new level.

One radio, countless ways to create your style.

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