Model One BT

Bluetooth Streaming / FM Reception / AM Reception / Auxiliary Input


With Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT with Bluetooth wireless technology, simply switch to the Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favorite music wirelessly. It’s that simple.

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With Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT with Bluetooth wireless technology, simply switch to the Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favorite music wirelessly. It’s that simple.

With the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology, when you’re not listening to our world-famous analog AM/FM tuner, you can listen to the music stored on your Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled device. You’ll never tire of hearing your music through the Model One BT thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile, combined with the Model One BT’s trademark equalization.

And since Bluetooth wireless technology is wireless, you won’t have to dig out an audio cable for your enabled-device every time you want to listen to your music through the Model One BT. But don’t worry, the Auxiliary input is still on board, along with the Record and Headphone outputs, so you can continue to connect those “old fashioned” wired devices.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Streaming, FM Reception, AM Reception, Auxiliary Input
Tuner Type
Bluetooth Radios, AM / FM Radios
What's In The Box
  • Model One Bluetooth AM/FM Radio
  • One (1) Power Cord
  • User Guide (Download PDF)
  • Warranty Card
4.10 lbs
4.5"H x 8.375"W x 5.25"D

A beautifully neutral-sounding (well-balanced) device that delivers surprising audio quality.

BBC Music Magazine

Stream your music from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Classic design, lovely sound - 4,5 out of 5.

A beautifully neutral-sounding (well-balanced) device that delivers surprising audio quality.

A compact, well made radio with a detailed sound and an easy-to-use Bluetooth link

The Tivoli Audio Model One BT retains the refined styling, but built-in Bluetooth now lets it stream your tunes straight from your phone

Classic analogue radio injected with cutting-edge Bluetooth.

12 Reviews

Written by Brendan Hasenstab
October 31, 2017

Could not happier with this lovely little table radio. For those wondering about mono, have no fear! The Model One BT sounds great. Of course it features room-filling sound, and the rich timbre of that sound is nothing short of impressive. The analogue tuner is the perfect antidote to the PLL tuning that seems to be everywhere these days. Switches move with a satisfying thunk. And its look dresses up anyplace you set it. (N.B., The bottom-firing subwoofer/bass port is a potent one, so you may need to set the radio on a few different spots before deciding on a permanent home for your BT.)

Written by Bill Sobel
October 31, 2017

Growing up my parents favorite radio was the KLH Model 8, Designed by Henry Kloss and built in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Model Eight was produced from 1960-1965. Kloss had earlier co-founded the Acoustic Research company, creator of the acoustic suspension speaker (a speaker sealed inside an air-tight cabinet). Shortly before his passing, Kloss teamed up with Tivoli to create the Model One and it is a true reproduction of the original KLH. I own 3 of them and they are the best radio in the house!

Written by Izzy
October 31, 2017

I'm a walking antique from the era of Henry Kloss, KLH, and Acoustic Research - back when hi-fi was in it's infancy and a geek cult thing. Got a copy of the Model One in 2000, and still find it to be among the best. Simple and effective, with truly beautiful sound. Now if these old ears can just keep up.

Written by Charlie K
October 31, 2017

Sometimes quality and simplicity outweigh new tech. We've enjoyed Tivoli radios for years often giving them as gifts. Just picked up a new Model One for my office. Sure I have a desktop and tablet with all sorts of programs and streams for music and each method towards listening requires turning it on, setting it up, keeping it running, etc. all not difficult but a task to say the least. The alternative is turning the on switch on. That's it! Great sound. My favorite station. Couldn't be simpler.

Written by Liza Janes
October 31, 2017

My Dad worked for KLH back in the 60's and won the original Model One radio after naming their company newsletter "The Printed Circuit". It was played constantly in our kitchen while growing up. It still works today with the same great sound, 45 years later! My sister inherited that radio| which is why I purchased the new Model One. Same great sound, similar look and coloring of the original. Lots of great memories associated with the radio. I would highly recommend this purchase.

Written by Bernie
October 31, 2017

I've had my Model One for years. Great sound from such a small box. Analog tuner won't support HD sub-channels, but it allows for "on frequency" tuning for a new local station that formerly was analog TV channel 6 audio and operates on 87.75 MHz . . . which a digital tuner won't tune in accurately for best fidelity. I leave my Model One tuned there most of the time.

Written by Louis
October 31, 2017

I've just streamed my Spotify playlist through my new Model One Radio and it was brilliant. Plus I received at call on Skype and the clarity of the call was remarkable!

Written by madadam
October 31, 2017

Great small room radio. Beautiful color. Tuning dial a little finicky sometimes but I like the aesthetics better than digital. Sound very clean and intelligible.

Written by OfficeDweller
October 31, 2017

This is the best radio one can buy for the office. The sound clarity is amazing, and the reception is excellent (even if you're surrounded by glass and steel| as I am). Even at acceptably low volumes, the bass comes through well. You'll never miss stereo sound; the mono speaker provides such rich reproduction that one could mistake it for a home rack system.

Written by OfficeDweller
October 31, 2017

Needed a new alarm clock and figured what better opportunity than to upgrade to a stereo system. Already an owner of a model 1 with cd and a songbook, I looked at the model 10. I was able to locate it through a credit card rewards program and went for it. Not only does it sound just as good as the Model 1 it keeps great time, has two alarms that can be set for daily or weekends, with independent volume and station settings. The sleep function is great, and its volume does not effect the alarm settings, great for quiet evenings, and loud wakeup (just what I need). Though some functions are available only through the remote, after a few days I really does not bother me. Just a great system.

Written by I love New York
October 31, 2017

I've had this next to my bed for over a month now and I'm very pleased with it. I was pretty shocked at the cost and thankfully I was offered one through Vine. First off from the moment you open the box it screams quality and really looks great, it is very basic looking, but I do like the minimalist look and it's not going to look out of date in a few years time like many jazzy looking electrical items do. Given the cost you will want it to be your clock radio for a long time. The sound quality is excellent and as good as good as some stereos I have owned in the past. Setting it up was quite difficult, but with perseverance and the instructions I got there in the end. 4 stars seems about right.

Written by Barbara
October 31, 2017

Exchanged my old model for the new Model with Bluetooth. Easy to play my music from my ipad and phone.