Model One

Model One

FM / AM / AUX In

With a tuner that brings clarity to many of the weakest stations, the Model One radio features a handmade wood cabinet that is both beautiful and the ideal acoustically inert housing.

Want wireless streaming also? Check out the Model One BT

Selected Color
Black Ash / Black-Silver
Cherry / Silver
Walnut / Beige
Tech Specs
Dimensions & weight
  • 4.5 x 8.375 x 5.25 in

  • 4.14 lb

In the box
  • (1) Model One
  • (1) Manual (PDF)
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) FM Antenna
  • AM / FM Radio
  • Auxiliary Input
"I have many Tivoli products, ..."

I have many Tivoli products, but this is my favorite. It looks great, sounds better and has lasted near 20 years.

"Beautiful sound and amazing reception. ..."

Beautiful sound and amazing reception. I have an Echo Dot by default in the Aux port with an Amazon Music Subscription. When I want to listen to classical radio I just turn the little source dial and I am there. So, easy! And I don't have to tap 7 times on my phone to do anything.

"I plugged this beauty in, ..."

I plugged this beauty in, tuned effortlessly to KMHD Jazz here in Portland, and sat back AMAZED at the sound I was hearing! I love this radio. It’s beautiful and the retro style is charming and yet functional. And did I mention the sound? Worth every penny!

"I bought one in 2010. ..."

I bought one in 2010. It still provide me great FM radio sound quality. Love the classic design. My friends often think it is a vintage radio and they are always amazed at its sound quality.

"Been listening to mine for ..."

Been listening to mine for 17 years now! Best radio ever!

"We have purchased 5 of ..."

We have purchased 5 of these radios and use them every day now for about 4 years without incident - oops, broke one antenna. Rechargeable batteries could be more robust but we did get almost 3 years out of the unit that is in the kitchen and which gets the most use. They are a delight to use and wonderful on the ears!

"Great small room radio. Beautiful ..."

Great small room radio. Beautiful color. Tuning dial a little finicky sometimes but I like the aesthetics better than digital. Sound very clean and intelligible.

"I use the Model 1 ..."

I use the Model 1 in my office to listen almost exclusively to AM broadcasts. I am in a fringe area and I get excellent reception except when the station I listen to has to redirect their broadcast antenna after sundown. I use the external AM loop antenna. By moving my antenna I can still get adequate reception after sundown. GREAT PRODUCT!!

"This radio has good sound, ..."

This radio has good sound, above average sensitivity, and great FM selectivity. It does have a couple of drawbacks: 1) The radio's amplifier makes an audible hiss that can be heard through the speaker when listening at low volume; 2) The power transformer inside of the radio introduces some hum into some of my other audio equipment. I had intended on using the Model One with my AM Hi-Fi transmitter so I could listen to my favorite stations on my vintage tube radios| but the power transformer in the radio introduces hum to the transmitter's broadcast. You won't get any hum when using the radio as a normal radio.

"I love my Model One ..."

I love my Model One radio... the sound is amazing given the cabinet size, the design is very intuitive, and it supports and iPod input. I have this one in my guest room and it's great for the space, even matches the color scheme.

"The sound quality is excellent ..."

The sound quality is excellent for such a small radio and the product is attractive as well.

"What's not to like about ..."

What's not to like about this radio? It's small, good looking| solidly built, and puts out excellent sound. I've purchased two so far, and should I have a need for a small radio elsewhere, this will always be my go-to radio. I stopped short of rating "excellent" on features, because I wish the Aux-in could be selected by a knob on the front| so I could leave the cord from my iPod in the jack permanently. Otherwise, this radio does everything it's built to do perfectly.

"I purchased this for my ..."

I purchased this for my Dad and he loves it! It is small and does not get in the way of his other items in his office. It blends in with his antiques and sounds fantastic. I ended up purchasing a portable Tivoli for my kitchen because of the quality.

"I cannot praise the Tivoli ..."

I cannot praise the Tivoli Model One highly enough. I have had mine for about 5 years now and to this day, I am continually impressed. The sound is rich and warm, yet exudes clarity and musical definition. FM reception is excellent, AM reception is good to very good, and the overall feel| ease of use, and build quality are second to none. I love the input and output on the back which allow you to plug in your mp3 player or other source, and you could even use the Model One as a tuner in your main stereo system. This radio is a great value; worth every penny and then some.

"I've had this radio for ..."

I've had this radio for several years. It was a huge purchase for me at the time budget wise, but i wanted a good quality radio. The radio was well worth the expense. I've used it every day for years. It looks good in any room. I've even dropped it with no ill effects. It really is indispensible to me and my family.

"I bought my first Model ..."

I bought my first Model One ten or more years ago, and it has continued to astound me with the rich crisp sound, ease of use, and relentless performance. I don't know about you, but until I discovered Tivoli I had never had anything electronic last for so long| without need of repair and without a gradual deterioration of look/feel/sound. These radios are fantastic--6 years ago I got my second, as a wedding gift, and have been equally delighted. You can't beat this radio for simplicity, elegance, and performance.

"Very elegant design| but also ..."

Very elegant design| but also a no-nonsense radio with superior reception and clear-sounding speaker for music or voice, even at higher volumes. It's so good (I'm a hi-fi user accustomed to high-end turntables and components) that I got one for my father-in-law too. He loves the easy-tuning knob and the big clear sound that easily fills his double garage (and no tiny buttons to fiddle with!). Then I got another one for a close friend (who's also a hi-fi user), a very discriminating engineer. This radio has no useless blinking lights or fancy features, just sensitive reception| reliable controls and great sounds!

"This radio has been great. ..."

This radio has been great. I first would like to say that as a designer, the looks are sharp, clean and timeless. The sound quality is very good, room-filling is the right description. Although very basic in it's functions what it does do, it does very well. I would like to see something slightly more expandable in the same box, but it's good flying solo. 4/5 but only because nothing is perfect, really it's more like a 4.75/5, I'm very happy and have started to give them as corporate gifts. Thanks for doing a great job Henry!

"This was bought mainly from ..."

This was bought mainly from Mr. Kloss's history - and for talk radio and some music listening. I have used it with/without an external AM loop, both the small coil and the larger tuned coil style, which it really works well with. You can operate near a computer LCD and 'null' them as a source of interference - the best AM table top radio I've ever used. FM - with just a hank of wire - is full quieting on all local stations - great audio for my favorite rock music. My only fault - after several years - the tuning capacitor| driven by the vernier dial and tuning knob| became scratchy, eventually requiring disassembly and spritzing with an aerosol contact cleaner to remedy. The average homeowner wouldn't do this. Otherwise, a fantastic radio - wish I could find a 'deal' on another one for my shop.

"Over early morning breakfasts, or ..."

Over early morning breakfasts, or while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, our Model One has held an important place in our kitchen. When just A and I| it's tuned to CBC - the Canadian version of PBS. When my daughter's have their choice, it is inevitably on Virgin 99.9. But wherever it's tuned, the full rich sound has become an important part of our kitchen life. Thanks for the great quality companion!

"I purchased my Model One ..."

I purchased my Model One before Henry passed away, and it never ceases to amaze me. I first bought products designed by Henry Kloss when he established KLH in the 60's and have never been disappointed with any of them. I still own a KLH Model 24| KLH Model 11, Cambridge Soundworks Model 88CD and many speakers designed by Henry. The Model One Radio is what I use most| as it is convenient to place and amazes every one that hears it with the beautiful sound it produces. You can't go wrong with the Model One Radio!

"This radio is absolutely a ..."

This radio is absolutely a gem from the moment you turn it on. It's visually stunning and the sound quality is amazing. I don't think I will ever be without a Model One in my home.

"Since the day I received, ..."

Since the day I received, and started using, My 2 Tivoli Model One Radio's, the thrill of turning them on and listening to the radio, cd or mp3 has never lessened since day one. The simplistic and purist appearance is deceiving as compared to the tonal eloquence and it's sophisticated circuitry. The only fault that I find is the FM Tuning Drift. Does the Model One incorporate any type of AFC to stop this drift or am I encountering a reception problem? Other than this minor inconvenience The Model One is truly a Gourmet Boutique Unit which I plan to enjoy for many years.

"I was a huge fan ..."

I was a huge fan of Henry Kloss back in the day, and was quite interested when he began working with Tivoli. That alone was enough to convince me to buy a Model One. It has sounded fantastic since day one and though I think the more versatile Model Threes are nice| nothing will ever replace my Model One. A true classic!

"I have had this radio ..."

I have had this radio a few years now and it still works and sounds excellent. I am still amazed at the sound quality.

"The Model One is the ..."

The Model One is the best table radio we've ever had. We have tried all from cheep boom boxes to high end component set. Where we live is in a low area and we couldn't pick up anything but the most powerful FM stations until we got the Model One . The Model One picks up the weak collage FM station with only a simple set of rabbit ears (on the second floor) and it is clear and crisp.

"Great sound quality ranging from ..."

Great sound quality ranging from various music styles to spoken voice (like listening to a baseball game) in a small, good-looking package.

"I'm listening to my Model ..."

I'm listening to my Model One as I write this. The volume is turned down very low, but the sound is still rich and full. It's perfect for that clear background noise or for playing your favorite style music while you work. I also own the Model Two and Model Three at home. The Walnut look of my Model One matches my office decore. On Fridays I bring my Pioneer Inno XM satellite radio in and use it as an MP3 player to play my favorite recorded music and programs through my Model One. I can also use my Model One as a speaker on my computer when I need to. I love my model One. And it looks great! FM reception is the best of any radio I've tried. I can still pull in some radio stations with crystal clear reception and I'm in the middle of my office building.

"Bottom line the Model One ..."

Bottom line the Model One is a radio. I think a radio should locate a signal, lock on the signal, hold the signal, and produce high quality sound with minimal volume. The Model One does exactly that! My office at work is not large, basically 11x11. My volume is so low that standing just outside my door it is inaudible, but inside my office, I hear every word| every note, everything. The clarity of sound is so uncannily good| you won't understand until you hear it yourself. Oh, and by the way, the build quality is excellent, too! There are no frills with this model, just the bottom line best radio you can buy!

"I have 2 Model 1s ..."

I have 2 Model 1s one in my office and one in the kitchen. This radio has excellent natural sound. The midrange| which is the heart of all music is natural and| in my opinion audiophile-quality. The treble is good for a 3" speaker. The bass while not subterranean, is accurate within its range; to Tivoli's credit, the radio never sounds boomy, as it does on just about all of the other premium small table radios, but one is definitely aware of the low frequencies. The tuner is very sensitive and pulls in quite a few stations in my suburban location. In my office| which is in the City| it pulls in even more, and is also able to deal with nearby strong stations without creating any "overload" on the dial. The operation of the radio is simple and it is easy to tune. At the price of $99, which is what I paid for each of mine| it was a steal; at the current price, not a steal, but still a good bang for the buck, so to speak.

"Was easy to connect to ..."

Was easy to connect to my Tivoli Model One radio in Kitchen. Now playing my Spotify and do not have the cable anymore. Good Sound also.

"At last a perfect clock ..."

At last a perfect clock radio Easy to use, pleasant to watch and to hear. It should be great to optimize the backlight because, even on the low position it's too powerfull when I try to sleep ;) So it's necessary to switch off the light

"I wanted this radio long ..."

I wanted this radio long time. Now I have it. It is really classic wooden device - no plastic crap. I have it in Bedroom and listen late night music. Design is simple traditional - it has all I need from radio. Me and my wife have now gold "Radio days". We have many radios in family, but this radio we love! Thank You for making classic in "china products" time!

"Have had this radio since ..."

Have had this radio since '03 and it is on most of the day in the kitchen. It picks out weak radio signals and has little drift. The simple classic design is very easy on the eye. The Model One delivers a rich sound quality far superior to much more expensive over engineered radios including a spectacularly deep lower end which is especially clear with classical music, wonderful!

"Just received the model one ..."

Just received the model one as a gift. Everything is so impressive, the build quality, the sound quality, and even the packaging. Truly a first class, world class, class A product!

"This is my first Tivoli ..."

This is my first Tivoli radio and I must say that I absolutely love it. I have had other radios in the past but non sound like Tivoli. I haven't had any trouble with any of the radio stations and I get absolutely clear sound every time I turn it on. And it is cute in size and look. Planning to get a couple more| one for the bedroom and the living room. Thanks Tivoli for creating the best radio ever! :)

"I purchased this radio for ..."

I purchased this radio for my wife who is technology challenged... I figured two knobs and a tuner she could handle. She loves it. The sound is rich and full and it looks good in the kitchen. Tivoli Audio has two new fans!

"My radio did not include ..."

My radio did not include BT. However, it continues to play as well as it did when new. A great sounding small music system. AM| FM radio reception that rivals more expensive tuners. No tone controls to fiddle with plus the tuner automatically adjust for either music or the spoken word. This is a great sounding radio. Great for any room.This makes an excellent gift...

"I think this was the ..."

I think this was the first radio like this where I didn't have to consult the manual to set the alarm clock. And connecting to bluetooth just works. It looks good in on my beside table and it isn't complicated. I like it!

"Sound is warm and rich. ..."

Sound is warm and rich. Radio signals crystal clear.

"I use this more than ..."

I use this more than any radio in my house, always on while cooking/hanging around the kitchen. Dial can be finicky but better looking than digital. With the sub could be a full system; as it is I often plug the ports for bass heavy music to make it a bit less boomy when loud. Looks great, sounds great, highly recommend!

"I bought this radio after ..."

I bought this radio after reading an audio magazine review. I was pleasantly surprised when I set it up. The design is so simple. There's no "gadgetry" you have to fool with. And the sound is just beautiful. Because there is an auxiliary input (with independent volume control) I use it for my computer speakers - looking great on the desk.

"I purchased this for use ..."

I purchased this for use at home about 5 years ago, and I have to say that I have never regretted my purchase. It has done time in the kitchen, on my entertainment center, and now in the bedroom. The sound fills any room I put it in, even with 12 foot ceilings. The radio tuner is spot on, you can hook almost anything up to it through the mini stereo jack in the rear. This is a good solid system that is simple to use, and will last you for years to come.

"A nice lady from Tivoli ..."

A nice lady from Tivoli customer service asked me to write a review so here it is bought my Model One over ten years ago (£99) and to date it has never given me anything but exemplary sound quality. It is quality through and through from the solid cherry wood casing to the superb tuner that locks tenaciously onto my favourite stations, and provides a euphonic sound that is valve-like in warmth and smoothness but not at the expense of subtle detail. Also I have never ever heard any harshness in the treble which is so important to my enjoyment of music. In fact I'd say that younger listeners might regard this as a flaw, used as they are to the more cutting and clinical edge sound of digital devices. Have ordered a Model 10+ for the kitchen without a demo as I feel confident that it will uphold the Tivoli ethos of consistency in sound quality and craftsmanship.

"This is the best radio ..."

This is the best radio one can buy for the office. The sound clarity is amazing, and the reception is excellent (even if you're surrounded by glass and steel, as I am). Even at acceptably low volumes, the bass comes through well. You'll never miss stereo sound; the mono speaker provides such rich reproduction that one could mistake it for a home rack system.

"I purchased this radio for ..."

I purchased this radio for my office (Model One Black/Silver). I wanted a basic radio with a simple audio input jack for my MP3 player, and that also looked professional. This radio fit the bill perfectly! The manufacturing is wonderful - very high quality look and feel, perfect for my office desk. The sound quality is excellent, and the radio is able to pick up stations that no other radio in my office is able to receive. I am extremely happy with this radio and would recommend it to anyone.

"The model one is stylish, ..."

The model one is stylish, and just what I need to get through a day at work.

"I have one of these ..."

I have one of these for about 15 years now sounds good still can't kill it.

"...then this is is the ..."

...then this is is the radio for you. My wife, an accountant, listens to one of the big local AM stations all day, and had been using an inexpensive portable radio. Ever since her company recently moved to a new office building, she has gotten very poor reception (weak signal & lots of interference) due to the structure and orientation. Her 10 key calculator would cause even more interference every time she turned it on, effectively making the radio useless. Knowing the Model One has an excellent AM section, I suggested she take it to work. It completely solved the problems. Even the calculator no longer causes interference.

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