Bluetooth Streaming / FM Reception / AM Reception / Auxiliary Input / Weather Resistant


Tivoli Audio’s PAL BT adds Bluetooth wireless technology in addition to its sensitive analog AM/FM tuner. When you’re not listening to your favorite radio stations, you can listen to your favorite music from your Bluetooth technology-enabled device. Just switch to the Auxiliary position and once paired, start listening to your music. It’s that simple.


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With many of today’s wireless devices being Bluetooth technology-enabled, especially common electronics like smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers, it made perfect sense for Tivoli Audio to add this important capability to our most popular portable radio, the PAL.

Before the PAL came along, portable audio usually meant poor sound. Not so with PAL BT. Thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile, combined with the PAL BT’s trademark equalization, you’ll never tire of hearing your music.

And since Bluetooth wireless technology is wireless, you won’t have to dig out an audio cable for your enabled-device every time you want to listen to your music through the PAL BT. But don’t worry, the Auxiliary input is still on board, along with the Headphone output, so you can continue to connect those “old fashioned” wired devices.

True portability requires portable power, and that’s where the PAL BT’s NiMH battery pack comes in. It’s environmentally friendly, has no memory, and fully charges in about 3 hours. Since it provides up to 16 hours of cordless playback, you can spend more time listening and less time searching for a power outlet.

Our most popular portable radio just made a lot of new friends.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Streaming, FM Reception, AM Reception, Auxiliary Input, Weather Resistant
Tuner Type
Bluetooth Radios, Portable Radios, AM / FM Radios
What's In The Box
  • PAL BT - Bluetooth Portable Radio
  • One (1) Power Supply
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Rechargeable Battery
1.92 lbs (0.87 kg)
6.25"H x 3.69"W x 3.88"D

Portable Audio Laboratory

Where performance and simplicity are paramount but space is sparse, the Model One mono table radio fits the bill. With just three knobs, it is the antithesis of today’s ever more complex electronic products. But behind the Model One’s simple appearance hides a multitude of technology, facilitating higher sound reproduction and better reception over anything else near it in size or cost.

...a portable, powerful speaker with great sound, there’s nothing quite like it out there.


The Tivoli PAL BT May Be The Best-Looking, Best-Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

It offers surprisingly big sound for its size.

it’s an almost Emersonian testament to rugged self reliance. I have had the same unit for 10 goddamn years — it’s been dropped in the sand, left in the sun for weeks, and shoved into the bottom of bags.

In spite of its retro appearance, it boasts superb-sounding FM/AM radio and cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity.

I drag this little radio around with me all day long, from studio, to kitchen, to bathroom and back to studio.

49 Reviews

Written by Alan Colombo
October 31, 2017

Sounds great especially for its size. Love the wireless features. AM| FM reception very strong. Couple things that would make it great: dimmer for display option to wake to the radio instead of the jarring shocking "fire alarm" screaming at you. Bought it to replace a much older compact stereo system with some failing features with a very subtle clock face that could be read at night but wouldn't be so bright to keep you awake. Kind of miss that. It also allowed you to wake to the radio. Now I use my phone as a gentler alarm. The wood "cabinet" really just a fairly well joined box that slips over the unit| seemed susceptible to stains (moisturizer cologne that might be on ones hand) as it appeared to have no finish. It looked dry and dead. A few coats of tung oil and the richness of the wood came out along with hardening and protecting the surface.

Written by April Steele
October 31, 2017

This is a great little radio. I have one of the older ones (no bluetooth) and ordered a second one with bluetooth. My only complaint is the change in colors. My old one is all black with gray knobs - very neat and a little elegant. I noticed this newer model is white with a colored panel on the front which looked odd in the photos. I really didn't want white which would stand out a lot in my living room| so I ordered the black I suppose thinking "well I'm sure it will look fine". It doesn't; it looks just plain unattractive because the black panel with everything else white is so contrasted . It is very puzzling to me why Tivoli would make this change.

Written by Jacob
October 31, 2017

I was lucky enough to secure one of the limited edition "glow-in-dark" PAL BTs, and I just love it! Great on the patio, great at the beach, great in my garage!! BIG thumbs up! :-)

Written by Jim G.
October 31, 2017

I have had a PAL for 10 years. I use it every day. Great sound. I have actually plugged it into my home stereo system to use as a tuner. It works great in that role as well.

Written by Griz
October 31, 2017

I own two and take the PAL wherever I go. They are great outside and very durable. Its easy to use and great if you want to plug in your iPhone for podcasts or music.

Written by Chemo
October 31, 2017

I've owned my iPal for over a year and a half. It gets used everyday all around the house. The sound quality is superb and the radio tuner locks on to signals like no other radio I've ever owned. It's rare these days to find a product that has the iPal's combination of simplicity and quality.

Written by hambone
October 31, 2017

This little system is awesome. It has great sound whether indoors our outside. I have brought my iPAL to the beach numerous times, my friends love it.

Written by Janice
October 31, 2017

I first found out about the iPal at the Apple Store. Heard and decided I must have one. I liked it so much I bought a 2nd one.

Written by Schuler
October 31, 2017

Got this for a birthday gift 5-6 years ago and have went all over the country with me. Best sound bathroom, and portable (with the songbook a close second). Love it and recommend to all

Written by antjam
October 31, 2017

I don't even have to talk about the sound or reception because that's just a given with Tivoli. This baby is absolutely amazing. I bought it years ago and it is still as the day I got it. The battery life is awesome - I just can't say enough. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Written by SamD
October 31, 2017

I have one of these in our kitchen, right next to the coffee maker, and it comes on every morning to bring me NPR while the java brews. Audio quality is great given the size of the speaker, and I pick up a little extra bass by placing it in a corner of the room. We live near mountains, and other radios in this spot have had poor, noisy reception, but the PAL tuner works exceptionally well. Love the simplicity of the design, the small footprint, and the warm analog sound. No listener fatigue! Ours stays charged, so it's always ready for an emergency or a trip to the backyard. It has been 100% reliable, and I liked it so much I bought another for my daughter.

Written by James C.
October 31, 2017

Quite simply stunning sound from a device this size. I have been eyeing this product for a very long time| it seemed to have everything that I wanted in a bluetooth device: portability, a 20 hour battery life, AM/FM radio, an alarm clock, a remote control, a backlight display, a modern-contemporary design to compliment any decor, and most importantly exceptional sound. This is my first Tivoli purchase ( and definitely not my last )| and the experience has been profoundly pleasant. The exceptional customer service of Tivoli coupled with the distinct sound quality of the model three music system has made me a customer for life!

Written by DLL
October 31, 2017

This is a high quality portable radio. Winter storms and power outages are misery and a really good portable radio is essential. Why not have one with high fidelity sound like this one? In the Summer it is an obvious joy. With a headphone jack for stereo headphones|a set of isolating headphones is nice to blot out the sounds of a northeaster. I recommend this radio as a "Sound" investment|

Written by SARAH
October 31, 2017

I've had this clock radio for a few years now. It is quite good but I do find the light from the clock too bright. It would be better if it were adjustable. The radio sound is indeed warm.

Written by Kyle
October 31, 2017

The PAL+ is the best portable radio i have ever used!

Written by SeriousListener
October 31, 2017

I love this radio. I use it in my office and listen to it extensively. It sounds beautiful, can play at a decent volume, and looks great. I'm also an owner of a Cambridge Soundworks Model 88, another Henry Kloss design, and so have fairly high standards. If you're looking for a table radio that will fill your room with quality sound, you will not regret purchasing a Tivoli radio.

Written by Samuel
October 31, 2017

This is a wonderful radio that has a minimalist retro design| great Henry Kloss heritage, rich sound, and looks great anywhere in the house. Aside from my computer, this is the only other electronic thing I use the most. There are only 2 weaknesses with this radio, the AM reception isn't the greatest and the lack of an "Aux in" switch so you can leave your MP3 player plugged in w/o turning off the radio mode. Other than that, I love this thing.

Written by Audiosnob
October 31, 2017

We have this radio on a small shelf in the kitchen. We like to take it out on our deck and attach it to the iPod when we have company. It's a great indoor/outdoor radio.

Written by Angelika
November 1, 2017

One of the very rare simply perfect thanks, we all love it !!

Written by Carru
November 1, 2017


Written by Carru
November 1, 2017

Very nice radio, very good sound and very sensitive tuner, pick low signal station other radio don't. Easy to scratch paint, on/off and volume knobs might be more soft feeling for the price, band and on/off on the same knob is not a good idea. Good, not perfect, i would immediately buy another if lost.

Written by Tracy
November 1, 2017

I spent hours and hours researching my options for an easily portable ipod player and radio. I chiefly wanted something that did not offend me aesthetically, that sounded good, was not loaded with a bunch of bogus features I would never use and most of all that would have a rich clear sound. I bought the iPAL and have absolutely no regrets. I have since bought two additional units for family members who admired mine. What really stands out for me is the pleasing simplicity of design, the tiny (but solid) footprint, the supreme portability (no plugging and unplugging for a full 10-12 hours once the internal battery is charged) and the gorgeous sound. I use mine primarily for classical music and spoken word listening and it is fantastic. I would not recommend it if you are looking for something to listen to your P-Funk or NWA on. This is not a boom box. It will fill a room with gorgeous acoustic music or spoken word. I listen to audiobooks and the unit needs to move room to room with me as I am always busy with housework. This little unit sits on the counter while I do the dishes| then I grab it and take it to the laundry room| then grab it again and take it to my bedroom while I change the sheets etc..there is no plugging and unplugging| no hassling to find a spot to set it down. I LOVE THIS UNIT and would not trade it for anything. Buy it, you wont be disappointed.

Written by musicmaven
November 1, 2017

I use this one in my office now that I have the SongBook, & use the radio primarily. It has a GREAT battery life| The sound is good, though a little base heavy. I would buy this unit again.

Written by musicmaven
November 1, 2017

When I set out to purchase an AM/FM-only radio, everyone tried to talk me out of it because of all the new technology around but the Tivoli PAL is exactly what I needed and wanted. I couldn't be happier with it. The small footprint takes up minimal room anywhere I use. The rubberized coating keeps it from sliping out of my hand when carrying it. But the best thing about it is the audio clarity of both the AM and FM reception and the sound it produces. This product genuinely exceeded my expectations.

Written by HappyListener
November 1, 2017

After years of cheap portable radios, I bought a PAL and I love it. It's well made and has incredible reception. The sound is just a little boomy and I wish it had tone control, but everything else about it is nearly perfect. The volume and band selector knobs could be a touch larger, but that's a minor detail.

Written by kdizzle
November 1, 2017

Sound is great, battery life is decent and the looks are pretty good too. Its a tad bit clunky to carry around though. Would be nice if it came with some sort of case.

Written by BudgetAudiophile
November 1, 2017

I bought a Yellow PAL radio 6 yrs ago and still use it everyday! The sound quality is simply mind boggling! To this day when someone sees it for the first time and hears the sound that comes blasting from the tiny speaker, they are awestruck! Trust me it is that good. I use it as a portable AM/FM radio and as an iPod speaker. It is simply perfect for both applications. If you are looking for a portable with amazing sound, look no further. Just hit add to cart! No buyers remorse. Trust me.

Written by BudgetAudiophile
November 1, 2017

I've got a PAL (portable audio laboratory) and it's a wonderful thing to own! You can take it anywhere. And since it has rechargeable batteries; you don't have to worry about electricity. It has really good sound for the size and convenience factor. It's not too loud and it definitely plays more than loud enough when needed. It's surprising how much bass the little thing pumps out when sitting on the floor. It's quite small, doesn't take up barely any space at all. Just don't forget to bring it with you when you leave. I charge it up overnight and it's ready to accompany me to the job site. Get one; you won't regret it! It also makes a wonderful gift!

Written by Lennon
November 1, 2017

I purchased a PAL years ago. I liked it so much that I bought one for my wife. It has great sound and works well with our iPods. It has great battery life and is very portable. I recommend it to everyone I know. If you are thinking of buying a Bose, I strongly encourage you to buy Tivoli instead. It is a much better value.

Written by Deva
November 1, 2017

When the power fails, I can rely on great long-lasting radio from this rechargeable. When I want bigger and truer sound on-the-go than I can get with other portable iPod players, this is my choice. I wish it had a built-in iPod dock that could charge as well as play, but none of the alternatives that offer that option delivers such good sound.

Written by midland98
November 1, 2017

I purchased a black PAL for my son 4 years ago and he has been very happy with it ever since. The sound is amazing for such a small unit and it gets compliments everywhere it goes! You can't go wrong getting this radio.

Written by radioFan
November 1, 2017

I bought a PAL for my father-in-law as a gift. He loves it. The sound and reception are great. The ability to recharge the unit is a big plus, No batteries to throw away.

Written by rudeboy
November 1, 2017

I have had one of these for 4 years, and it is the radio system I use the most. It is a constant companion whether I am working in my home office| out in the garage| in the bathroom, and out on the back porch. This radio can do it all, and sound good doing it. I hook my iPod up to it, and use the heck out of the radio. The PAL has a surprisingly good sound despite it's small size. I can't forget to mention the battery. I still have the original battery pack that came with the radio, and it still lasts for hours. I use it all the time and I only charge it once a week. IF you are hesitating over the price hesitate no longer, this radio is worth it.

Written by Matt
November 1, 2017

I love this little radio. Sounds great and small enough to fit in the window. People have actually asked if I had ceiling speakers! I also love taking this to the garage or outdoors while doing chores. I had looked at BOSE and other brands| but this blew them out of the water.

Written by BadBart
November 1, 2017

I've owned one of these since shortly after they first came out. It still works great, and I've only recently had to replace the battery. Sound is surprisingly good for a little speaker, portability is great ( it goes camping| sailing| etc. with me ) and is perfect for connecting to your MP3 player or catching the game on the go. In fact at least 4 of my friends have also purchased them after using mine on various outings/trips.

Written by ninacat
November 1, 2017

Perfect size for our bathroom vanity counter. Sound is clean and crisp. Battery holds charge for a long period of time. Great product!

Written by steve
November 1, 2017

I have a several grundig radios and onkyo studio gear and other radios. The Tivoli radio is in a class of its own, it is the best radio ever and my friends agree.

Written by dnobendno
November 1, 2017

This radio has been a delight. Terrific sound for how small it is. Battery lasts a long time. Tunes to radio stations easily. Made it fun to listen to the radio again.

Written by steve
November 1, 2017

After 8+ years of daily use, it's time for a new battery pack. The power is starting to diminish, but my PAL is still working great. Although a bit pricey but if I get just as many years out of my new battery I'll be quite satisfied.

Written by FourthHorn
November 1, 2017

The purchase of the battery was very easy and convenient. Good service!

Written by Bugaboo
November 1, 2017

Outstanding reception and excellent sound from a small and mobile instrument with technical characteristics that are unique.

Written by Wildcat
November 1, 2017

It does what is says its a battery. Seems to last a lot longer than the original battery that came in the Pal. Price was a little steep but that is what you get when you need a special battery.

Written by Reynard
November 1, 2017

My PAL battery had died after about 4-5 years. I got the new battery, installed it easily and it is is working great.

Written by Troutman53
November 1, 2017

I love Tivoli radios, I have a Model One, Model Two with a sub, Model Three with an extension and a PAL. I would buy them again in a minute.

Written by TerrieB
November 1, 2017

Excellent replacement battery and excellent website to deal with. I would buy again

Written by Andrew
November 1, 2017

It's a perfect replacement part| of course. But it does seem a little pricy for a battery...

Written by hambone
November 1, 2017

All good things come to an end. Fortunately, your iPAL does not have face that reality. With a new battery your iPAL well keep going and going and going.

Written by Jan Hood
December 11, 2017

This will be my third PAL and I can't live without it. The dial numbers on the first one rubbed off but I was offered a new one at a discounted price. The present one has become very difficult to dial in stations as the knob is very "touchy". I am purchasing a third as I don't know how to live without it and can't pass up this price.

Written by Linda Ameroso
December 27, 2017

Over 15 years ago my husband would go to bed with his little portable AM FM battery radio and drive me nuts. It hurt my ears. I was on a mission to see if anything existed that was portable and had great sound. I found Tivoli IPAL. We have owned three since then, and each of my daughters has one. It still sounds to great - even the first one still works well. To have sound anywhere that is quality and that does not have to blow away the neighbors in incredible. Love it. PS friends and family have been turned on by this and they were all HAPPY!